EVENT RECAP: Bayou City Arts Festival

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A big thank you to my friends at Medley, Inc, for always allowing me to cover one of my favorite Bi-Annual festivals of the year: The Bayou City Arts Festival! The twice a year event is put on by the Art Colony Association. The Spring edition is held at Memorial Park, and the Fall edition is held downtown. This year's BCAF Downtown's was October 10th - 11th. I was able to attend for a few hours on the 11th before heading to my first polo match that same day. I arrived and picked up my media credentials and headed into the festival. I was starving, so the first thing I did was head to the food trucks! BCAF Downtown went all out with the food trucks this year, featuring one of my favorites: Golden Grill. Golden Grill makes grilled cheese sandwiches! Yes I'm 31 and a classic grilled cheese is still a menu favorite. After eating, I set out to explore the festival. I discovered new artists, and found old favorites! Check out my exploration through the photos below:


These handbags are life!!! They are created by the father and son duo know has Horace "Tom" Thomas and Shawn Thomas. They work at Thomas Leather Studio. I love a unique bag. I don't want a bag that everyone else has, and has been seen a million times. These bags stood out for their shape, color, and craftsmanship! I definitely want to own one, one day! What's better is that they are located in Austin, Texas, so relatively close! I also think it's great that two men are designing women's accessories!

This is my second time seeing Clemencia's work for D'Mesa Home. I discovered her in the Spring, when I was considering buying one of her pet placemats for Marble! I love her trays!! I imagine hosting cute parts at my future house with items served on these trays, or even just using them to set up a display of candles! You can discover more of Clemencia's work at www.dmesahome.com

Totally in love with these wall hangings by Frank Thompson! I'm definitely keeping his card because when I get a house, I'm going to buy one of these for the living room and some for the bathroom! I talked to Frank and he said each one is unique and has a number associated with it, so if anyone calls about his pieces he can reference the exact piece! His inspiration was stainglass windows, when he realized people don't want stainglass windows, so he figured out another way to bring the technique into their homes!

You can find Tim and his metal wall art at the following web address; www.frankthompson.com

Jennifer takes paint swatches and turns them into pictures! From a distance the pictures are easy to discern, and as you get closer you can see the swatches and it's hard to discern the pictures! It's a unique affect!! Everyone recognizes Frida Khalo in the middle! You can check out Jennifer's work at www.jenniferlashbrook.com

These amazing works remind me a little of the pieces by Frank Thompson. This metal art work was done by Tim Herbst! I would love to have these pieces in my house too! You can check out his metal work here at www.herbst-metal-wall-art.com.

How great is this handcrafted furniture? The shapes definitely caught my attention, but what further sold me was the bold colors of some of the dressers, bureaus, and vanity sets. The yellow and black one would be great for a Steelers' fan! You can find their work online at their mashup namesake site: http://viclan.com/furniture.htm

Marlene Rose Statues! I loved the striking green color of the sculptures! I'd want to put these butterflies outside in my yard, but I'd have to make sure no one stole them!
One of the sponsors for the festival was Chrysler. Chrysler was on hand gifting $10 gift cards just for test driving the all new Chrysler 200. We had to register, and then headed over to the car area. We didn't actually drive the cars but were chauffeured around by a Chrysler rep who told us cool facts about the car.

When's the last time you've seen a wheel for shifting gears? That's a cool feature. Although I'd be nervous that while I'm driving I go for that instead of the volume button! Ha!

It's definitely a nice-looking car!

It's hard to tell in this photo, but this is actually a fountain with water running down the pieces of stone.

I believe these are vases, but they are pretty enough that they don't need flowers! They can stand on their own for interior décor!

How fun is this mustache see-saw? Definitely something that wasn't in my playground growing up!

And I'm happy to say that I found one of my favorite jewelry vendors again: Lindsay Designs. I love her pieces with the melted glass. I wanted to buy everything, but alas a girl is on a budget. I did buy a pair of earrings though! You can catch them on my Instagram feed. I love her new plaid collection for Fall!

These seats were amazing for someone's backyard and reasonably priced for what they offer!


Website: www.artcolonyassociation.org
Instagram: www.instagram.com/houstonartfest
Twitter: www.twitter.com/houstonartfest
Facebook: www.facebook.com/houstonartfest

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