Elaine Turner Celebrates 15 Years with Fashionable Crowd

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Photo Credit: Daniel Ortiz for Houston Chronicle
If you follow me on Instagram and have been a loyal reader of my blog, you know there are a few boutiques that I frequent a lot and one is Elaine Turner.  Elaine Turner started off as an accessories brand, that has since evolved to include clothes. Not only are their products of amazing quality, but Elaine herself is just the coolest person ever! She's so humble and fun! I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times now, and each time, it's a memorable experience.  And if Elaine's super sweet, you already know her corporate team, and the associates working in her stores are super nice and helpful.  A couple of weeks ago, the Elaine Turner brand turned 15 and to celebrate, Elaine and her team hosted a party at their City Centre location. 

The party was two-fold. It served as a Fall 2015 presentation for Elaine, and also raised money for local Houston charity, Kids' Meals. That's another thing I have to say about most of the events I attend here in Houston. A lot of the boutiques pair with a charity for an event, which is absolutely amazing.  It shows how much our fashion community loves to give back! Below I've embedded a video from the event that you can watch below, or on YouTube.  

Fashion bloggers, Eva Duplan, Toya Smith, and Valerie Garate mingling with the crowd.



(L), The vice president of Elaine Turner, Heather and (R) Elaine Turner herself.

Fashion Illustrator, Rongrong Devoe sketched Elaine for her 15th Anniversary!
I snapped fellow HFB Member, Jaclyn Kent striking a pose outside of Elaine Turner.

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