The Susan Scarf Brings Awareness to Ovarian Cancer

Monday, September 28, 2015

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and to honor the movement, Tootsies, along with Megan Silanoff, Ovarian Cancer survivor, Blogger and Author of 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One, hosted a shindig to celebrate the launch of the "Susan Scarf". The Susan Scarf was created by Manoosh in partnership with the Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation (SPB4OCF) to honor Susan, the founder of SPB4OCF, who unfortunately passed away in July 2014 from the disease. Susan was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in February 2012. Once Susan began to loose her hair from chemotherapy, she started wearing beautiful scarves to cover her scalp. Even while fighting her own personal battle with Cancer, Susan was determined not to have this disease affect her friends and family, and created the foundation. Susan's mission with SPB4OCF, was to help find a test to detect for ovarian cancer, and bring awareness to the ovarian cancer movement. All proceeds from the sell of the scarves goes back to the foundation.

The national color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness (OCA) is teal, and the teal scarf features a painting by local Houston artist, Marilyn Biles. Marilyn was at the event and talked to the guests about her paintings and their use in making the scarves.  Along with Marilyn, Agate Ranch + Marfa jewelry designer, Kathy Bracewell was on the scene, selling her lovely agate stone jewelry. You may remember my interview with Kathy here on the blog. For the event, she was selling teal feathers with the teal OCA ribbon charm to be added to her pieces. Megan was on hand selling her book, 99 Problems, but a Baby Ain't One, and fashion illustrator Rongrong Devoe live-sketched guests at the event. 

Snapped a picture with guest of honor, Megan Silanoff.
Cancer Survivor, Author, Blogger, and PR owner, Megan Silanoff.

Fashion Illustrator, Rongrong chatting with Fade, Tootsies Store Manager on his illustration.
Houston Artist, Marilyn Biles chatting with guests about her work with Manoosh and The Susan Scarf.

Neal Hamil Models, modeling the lastest accessories from Agate Ranch + Marfa.
Here are the teal feathers with the Ovarian Cancer Awareness ribbon charm, that Kathy was selling with her jewelry.
Kathy Bracewell, Owner and Designer at Agate Ranch + Marfa Jewelry.
Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation:

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