NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: Day Three Favorites - Spring 2016 Collections

Monday, September 14, 2015

Check out my top 4 collections from Day 4 of New York Fashion Week. #5 goes to Christian Siriano, but mostly due to the plethora of textiles, and styles he put together for the collection.


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Rebecca's collection was definitely my favorite collection from Day 3. I loved the silhouettes, and the prints. My favorite part of her collection were the shoes! I loved her spin on the gladiator sandals. 

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This is my first time viewing a Dion Lee collection, and I thought the pieces were edgy and unique. I don't know what the purpose of the line down the middle of the face was for but it definitely added an interesting component to the looks. I liked the pieces that had cutout hemlines, and where the fabric looked woven. The mesh and netting to fringe looks were also fun!

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Best believe that Monique Lhuillier will probably always make my favorites list every time and this was no exception. I love how she brought the jeweltones, which are typically reserved for fall, to the table for Spring. And I'm absolutely in love with her red, green, blue & yellow floral print. Whether the flowers were painted on, or added with appliques the affect was impressive! 

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I have to say, that I typically don't go crazy over Alexander Wang like everyone else does. Nothing personal of stuff, but his pieces never really reached to my inner fashionista until now. I'm not sure if it was the stripes, or the fabric blocking, but I LOVED this grungy street-style collection!!! I definitely want all the pieces that incorporated mesh and fringe, and I don't even like fringe that much! 

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