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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's no secret that I'm well endowed. The girls are there, and there's really nothing I can do about them. I try to be grateful for everything God gave me, but sometimes they are so annoying that I wish they were smaller. When other women say to me they wish they had more upstairs I can't help but snort.  If they only knew the hard aches! Being naturally large in the breast area leads to expensive everything, from bathing suits, to bras, to tops, and dresses. Everything you buy has to have support, or allow you to wear a bra underneath. Try working out...running with boobs? Yea, good luck! Sometimes I have to wear 2-3 bras to keep them locked & loaded when I work out.

The larger you are, it's harder to find quality bras that make you feel good, provide support and are still sexy. Over the years I've tried many bras, and have settled on two favorites: Playtex and Wacoal. I used to wear Victoria Secret bras, but I quickly realized (as I hit the triple letter/extended alphabet bra sizes) that they weren't meant for me.  Even though I have my go-to brands, I'm always up for discovering new brands that can offer the same or better support! And that's were professional bra-fitter Alicia Waiters with Livi Rae Lingerie comes in.

Meet Alicia!
I met Alicia during the I Know Somebody Houston event that I hosted a few months ago. You can read about that event here. She was interested in meeting with me to do a bra-fitting. Undergarments are essential to looking great in your clothes, and showing people how to look great in their clothes is the mission of any true fashion blogger. We set up a date to meet and Alicia came to my house.  I had Alicia do a little introduction on how she got started with bra-fitting. You can watch her introduction video below. To sum up the video, Alicia became interested in bra-fitting after watching Double Divas. The show is no longer on TV, but the women behind it started their own lingerie company called Livi Rae Lingerie and offered bra-fitting as a service. Alicia applied, went to training and now she's a certified bra-fitter! She's the only brand rep in Houston, so you definitely need to contact her for your perfect bra! Alicia's contact information is listed at the end of this post.

Watch Alicia Tell Her Story:

Alicia arrived with two suitcases full of bras for me to try on. Of course we had to start off inspected my current bra situation...*dread*...I already knew I was failing. While I love Wacoal and Playtex, I definitely kept them beyond their recommended shelf-life and they no longer offered the support that they did when I first purchased them. In my defense, bras are expensive and I force them to last forever! Hmph!  So after Alicia reiterated what I already knew, I tried on her bras. 

We decided to take over my bedroom for the bra-fitting.
One of the first bras I tried on was a Goddess brand bra, called Kiera. It fit perfectly, like a glove! I really liked it! Here's the Goddess bra underneath a T-Shirt. The only thing I didn't like was that visibility of the seam through my shirt. I probably couldn't wear this bra with a tight shirt. 
My second favorite bra of the night was the Panache bra! Here's a shirt on with the Panache bra underneath. My chest is lifted with this bra and doesn't look saggy.
This is what that same shirt looked like with one of my old bras on. #SagCity! I need to do a better job of replacing my bras after they start to loose their shape.
At the end of the fitting, I decided to order the Goddess bra, but I ordered it in Scarlett Red! After all these years of owning a bra, I've actually never owned a red one!
A week later my new Goddess bra came in, and I've been wearing it like crazy! What a difference a new bra makes! Plus isn't this color gorgeous?
Instagram: www.instagram.com/LiviRae_Your_Way_Houston

DISCLOSURE: I received the goddess bra at a discount in exchange for this post. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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