Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hey guys! I know it seems like my blog posts have been few and far between, but in typical Shasie vs Machine problems, I've been without a robust computer since June! My laptop's SSD randomly broke back in June and it's been through the ringer trying to have data recovered from it, having it's cover swapped out, and now finally being replaced. In the meantime, I was struggling to keep up with my posts using my VERY slow Smart Tablet PC and a bluetooth keyboard. It's very hard to edit photos when the tablet freezes every time I moved the mouse. And of course, my desktop was no help either since it has been suffering from CPU and System fan failures for over a year. It runs even slower than my tablet (One day I'll take it to be fixed)!

Having said all this, I finally received my laptop back yesterday (tears of joy) and now I'm back in the game! I'm going to try and play catch up and also do better getting my posts up in a timely manner. Anyway, this is my welcome back to "efficient" blogging post!  Stick with me y'all because I have some great stuff coming up for you, from more giveaways, outfit posts, NYFW content, and even some Vlogging! 

And as always you can find me on all of my social media channels:
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