EVENT RECAP: Tagspire Blogger Brunch

Monday, August 03, 2015

The month of July went by fairly quickly for me. I honestly don't remember much about July besides being sick and being at work. Near the end of July I started to make it back out to some events, including a fun brunch hosted by reps for the online community Tagspire. Amy Chait, Business & Media Relations and Leah Richardson, Ambassador Program, partnered with Houston Blogger Whitney Hough, to invite a group of Houston Bloggers to the brunch to learn about Tagspire. My takeaway on Tagspire? Basically it's a unique spin on affiliate links.  The name Tagspire is a play on the words Tag and Inspire, because the curators in the community take pictures of things they love, and tag items in the pictures with links to where you can purchase them, thus making your every day posts shoppable. Another cool thing about Tagspire is since it's a community, you can add friends, and follow other influencers. You can also export your pictures to other social media sites, so it's not all reserved for just people on Tagspire.  

The brunch was held at DownHouse in the Heights area. This was my first time eating at this spot! I liked the ambiance of the place, and if it was closer to my house, I'd probably eat there all the time. The brunch was very intimate, with about 10 other bloggers there. I knew most of the bloggers in attendance and met two new ones for the first time!  Tagspire kicked off the brunch with introductions and then telling us a bit about the app.  During the meal, we downloaded the app on our phone, and asked a bunch of questions on the app, while viewing it live. It's definitely a cool app, and if you are looking to make some $$ on the side from posting the things you like, why not try it?! Plus, signing up is FREE!


Group Photo!
Website: www.tagspire.com 

Disclosure: I paid to attend the brunch. Thoughts and opinions on Tagspire are my own. 

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  1. It was great meeting you at brunch, Shasie! Thanks for writing this recap of the event. Your photos turned out really great! I hope to see you next time our team is in Houston! :)


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