EVENT RECAP: Pearland Recycled Runway Fashion Show

Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's not too often that I attend fashion events outside of Houston's Inner Loop. It's not that I don't want to go to Sugarland, Katy, Pearland, or the Woodlands, I just don't hear that much about events in those areas. For the Pearland Recycled Runway Fashion Show, I learned about this event through my blogger galpal, Heather Petrey, of LA Fashion Snob. Heather was participating in the fashion show competition, and invited us to come and see the main event. I'm actually a big fan of Pearland Towne Center, where the show was held. I used to visit that shopping area a lot, when I lived closer to Pearland (but not in Pearland...lol), so I knew exactly where the show was going to be held. It was definitely a hot day for the show, so I was grateful for the Pavilion roof blocking out the sun, and the nice fans that the hosts provided for us. The Pearland Recycled Runway show was hosted by Keep Pearland Beautiful. It's an organization whose mission is to make Pearland the cleanest and most beautiful city in Texas. Through programs that talk about recycling and wastes, including the fashion show, the organization is well on it's way to achieving it's goal. 

Contestants in the inaugural Recycled Runway Fashion Show had to create looks out of recycled and reused materials. They were very creative! There was everything from capri-sun pouches to bubble wrap. Upon arriving at the pavilion, there was a registration area and we received materials on recycling, a raffle ticket, and soda can tabs. The soda can tabs were for voting on our favorite looks using the cans at the front of the stage that had a picture of each look associated with it. The raffle tickets were for gift cards and goodie bags that were provided by some of the event sponsors.  After some mingling and seat shuffling the show got started with two local MC's and the announcement of the judges.  The three judges were Regina Beam from StyleMe Resale, Melissa Washington, a consultant for J. Hilburn, and Shawnte Thomas from Orange Theory Fitness. There were several look that came down the runway, and the awards were split into either an individual category or group category. 

Voting cans.
Information on Keep America and Keep Pearland Beautiful.

The Judges.
Lisa & Kimberly Bass: Capri- sun and Kool-aid drink pouches
Samantha Hathaway  - vintage pillowcase, coffee sack, patio umbrella, chain belt
Ivy Hathaway & Emily Anderson: Bubble wrap, ties, plastic, paper clips and bottle tops
Caroline, Liana & Kelly Miller: blue Latex gloves, gold duct tape, old dress material,paper map, crushed glass, solo cups, old jewelry chain, cardboard box and ribbon
Heather Petrey's look on Model - Vintage Afghans, Vintage yarn/ Accessories: Wife hangers, thrifted plastic baseball cap form & toilet paper rolls

H-E-B Plus Pearland (Tonisha Whyte, Jeanette Stovall, Sonia Cordona, and Alicia Reddick): Coke tabs, H-E-B Newsletters, cardboard
Tran Trinh -  newspaper, magazines, trash bags & soda pop tabs.

Zuldery Alvarado - Bubble Wrap

Heather Petrey and her look on Model Cintrena.

Everyone lined up to hear the winners!
Congrats to Heather for winning 1st place in the individual category.

DETAILS on Heather's Entry:


*Names and materials used in clothing taken from Keep Pearland Beautiful Website, as I did not have a way of writing the information down since my phone died and was on a charger.

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  1. What a cool event. The tie skirt is brilliant!

  2. Wonderful coverage!! Thank you for coming out Shalanda! *MUAH*!


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