EVENT RECAP: Heart of Fashion Media Launch Party

Friday, August 28, 2015

"A three-night party celebrating 12 fashion designers and their curated collections. An event that hosts over 2,000 people, raises spirits and awareness, and donates to help important causes. It's a party with a purpose you can't afford to miss" 

Those are the words printed in my media kit from the Heart of Fashion Media Launch Party, and an indication of things to come.  As I posted here, Houston has a new fashion week, titled Heart of Fashion and it's being run by Houston Socialite, Vivian Wise. To officially kick off the week, Vivian Wise, and her team hosted a media launch party a few weeks ago.   The Media Launch party was held at Firehouse #3 off of Houston Avenue. I arrived to complimentary valet and ushered doors. The firehouse was nothing like I expected. While I assumed it had been renovated from it's previous use, it was definitely more than I imagined and an amazing space.  I definitely want to host an event there one day! 

On the first floor there was an open bar, and models in glass boxes. To the right of the entry was the check-in table. At the table we were able to choose the charity that Vivian would donate $300 to in our name. The three choices were The Meals on Wheels Association of America, Legacy Community Health Services, and Epidermolysis Bullosa (EBMR Foundation). Heart of Fashion is heavily focused on philanthropy and these three charities will receive a portion of the proceeds from the Fashion Week via Vivian's non-profit organization, Texas Legacy Foundation. I ended up choosing Meals on Wheels. I think it's amazing that Vivian donated money in each person's name to the charities.  To the left of the entry way was a table with a pile of media kit folders, and black boxes wrapped with a pink bow. Each person in attendance received a folder and box. When I got home, I opened the box and it contained a paperweight that was etched with "Heart of Fashion - Patron". 

Table with Media Kit and Black Boxex.
On the second floor there were two more open bar stations, the DJ area, and posters promoting Million Air, Heart of Fashion, and the Texas Legacy Foundation. I spent most of my time upstairs hanging out with fellow bloggers Felice Simmons and Shanna Jones from Urban Swank.  

Spotted: Felice Simmons and Shanna Jones, the lovely lifestyle bloggers behind the blog, Urban Swank.

I still had my camera out when I went to pick up my car from valet, and the guys teased me about taking their pic, so I did! Ha! Don't tempt me. I will always snap you! 


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