EVENT RECAP: Big Sizzle Part 1

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A few weeks ago, I headed to the Big Sizzle cook-off event at Muse at Museum District apartments. The event was hosted to raise funds for the Candlelighters organization. Several contestants participated in cooking yummy food, and several celebrity judges, judged the eats. After the contest, there was a fashion show by Houston Fashion Designer, Danny Nguyen (which I'll feature in a later post). This was my first visit to MUSE. It's a fairly new apartment complex. I believe it only opened with a year. Heather Petrey and I arrived early for the VIP access hour that was hosted in the apartment's clubhouse. During the access hour, we mingled with some of the judges, and the other media reps who were in attendance. They also had food for us before heading upstairs to the pool area for the main event. 

The pool area at Muse is great! I love the design of the pool, and the surrounding gazebos and pool furniture. There were several sponsors of the event that had booths set up from Yelp, to Favor. Hot 95.7 was on the scene with the hot tunes. We walked around and stopped at each of the booths, picking up some fun freebies and treats. It was super hot, and at one point, I had to just sit and drink water. Nothing like Houston heat! I'm not really sure who won the grilling competition, because there were no formal announcements, but I did get to sample some of the food, and the rib I had was delicious! 

Miss Central Texas was one of the judges.

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