Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mama loves to eat (I'm not a mom, but I like the expression!). Anyhoo, another place that I visited during the 4th of July #GoHouston Blogger weekend was Grub Burger. I love Grub Burger! It's one of the first places I go when I stop by City Centre.  The burgers are yummy, and to top it off, they have amazing shakes. I always go for the caramel shake. Rico and I stopped by Grub Burger before heading to Freedom Over Texas. I ordered a salad and a turkey burger. The manager brought us a sample of their yummy luau fries and I think I'll definitely order those from now on! Fries with peppers, brisket, and cheese? Um...who doesn't want to go to luau, epsecially if it's topped with brisket, pepper and cheese? The manager explained to us the concept behind grub burger, and it was on that day that I realized the word GRUB was an acronym for GOOD PEOPLE, REAL FOOD, UNIQUE VIBE, and BIG FLAVOR, aka Grub! Here I thought grub was just the regular use of the word grub when used to mean food! I like that the grub stood for something. It made Grub Burger even better.
Grub Burger is also a fast casual restaurant, where you order at the register and receive a number for your food. However, instead of having to pick up your food when you're done like Hubbell and Hudson, the employees bring the food to you! They actually have a GPS system on the numbers to know exactly where you're seated in the restaurant! Pretty cool, eh? The cool thing about Grub Burger, is that you aren't locked into anything on the menu. If the toppings on the Lockhart Legend sound great, but you want to try it with a turkey patty, feel free to swap out. Or add another sauce to your burger, or an egg! You can mix and match as much as you want.  And if you want to go to Grub for a happy hour, they also have a full bar, and a nice outside seating area.  I really enjoyed my meal, but between the fries, burger, and salad it was too much to eat, so I had to take the burger home to finish later. I definitely recommend Grub Burger when you swing through City Centre!


Disclosure: Meal was hosted by Grub Burger via New Creative Media, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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