EVENT RECAP: Freedom Over Texas 2015

Monday, July 06, 2015

For the night of 4th of July, I headed to Houston's Freedom Over Texas celebration featuring country artists Josh Turner, and Clint Black. I love attending Freedom Over Texas, because I'm a big crowd type of girl. If big crowds aren't for you, then you probably want to avoid this event. To me there is nothing better than celebrating the birth of America with tons and tons of people.  This year I arrived a little later than I normally do. Normally I show up right at the beginning of everything at 4pm and make it all the way till 10, but with the added elements of my Go Houston Travel Bloggers Staycation, I was trying to fit everything into a very short amount of time. I received media passes to cover the event again this year, and took my friend Rico with me! He's never been to Freedom Over Texas, and I thought it would be cool to take someone who's never experienced it before. Normally I take my friend Val, but she headed to Jazz Fest in New Orleans this go around. Anyway, we even had a special parking spot for media, that had easy access to the festival. Once inside we walked around and hit up all the tents, and photo-op stops. 

There's lots to do at FOT from kids activities, to sponsor booths, food trucks, and concert stages. We made our way through all of the offerings before we headed to the big stage area to settle in for some country music and fireworks. First up with Josh Turner who sang a few songs from his new album. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest country fan, but after watching Nashville, I can sure tolerate it a bunch more, and Josh Turner's kind of cute, so that helped! Hahaha. After Josh, the M.C. Rebecca Spera introduced the headliner, Clint Black to the stage. Clint played for at least an hour or so! It was a chill night! Although it rained on and off earlier in the day, I was so happy that the rain held off for the nighttime 4th of July festivities. 

I really wanted one of these cool mugs, but the line was way too long!

I thought this group was super cute in their red, white, & blue!

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