LLIS TRAVELS: 4th of July Staycation Part 2

Thursday, July 09, 2015

After checking out of the Hyatt Market Street Hotel, I shopped around Market Street for a little bit and then headed to the second hotel on the list; Westin Memorial City. This is not my first time staying at this particular Westin. I stayed here, last year, during my company's 30th Anniversary party. However, this was my first time staying here for a blogger trip! I was super excited to explore the hotel again. Upon entering my room there was a goodie bag full of items from Memorial City Mall and a freshly baked Three Brothers Bakery Deep Dish Pecan Pie. Um....Heck yea! Ha! I of course opened the goodie bag and pie right away. The room was a double bed room, and very spacious. I plopped down on the bed closest to the bathroom. I have a thing about always choosing the bed closest to the bathroom...and I have no idea why. I was only at the Westin for a few hours before I had to leave for dinner Grub Burger, but there were some cool things I discovered in that short amount of time. 

First of all the Westin is ALL about health and fitness. They have a running program that's advertised on the back of the elevator doors, and their room service menu is full of super foods to keep you energized. But what if you forgot your workout clothes or running shoes? No problem! You can rent them starting at $5.00 from the hotel! So, if you are a fitness guru and nervous that a stay at a hotel will pause your workout activities, you don't have to worry about that at the Westin! They also have a restaurant called 024 Grille, and the bar 024 Lounge for the night cappers! I had every intention of hanging out at the Lounge when I returned from Freedom Over Texas, but unfortunately, I started to get sick while out at the fireworks. My throat started acting funny, and the last thing I wanted to do was head to the bar...:-(. But! I did hang out at the lounge the last time I stayed there, and it's a pretty awesome vibe! The water wall is super pretty, and everything is luxe inside. 

The next morning I headed down to enjoy a complimentary brunch! I invited my friend Rico to come back and meet me so I didn't have to eat by myself. Apparently my room was set up to host 4 people for brunch, but it was so early that I didn't call other people, and also because I was still sick and looked crazy. That's why it's great to have friends who don't care what you look like! Ha! Anyway, Rico arrived and we headed to the brunch! We took lots of photos and had a great meal. I tried out the buffet and ordered a dish from the menu. There's definitely no shortage of food at the Westin!

Overall my stay at the Westin was fabulous minus one incident. When I returned to the Westin, late Saturday night after attending Freedom Over Texas, I wasn't very impressed with the valet guy. I think he was on his phone,and I had to ask him if he was going to valet my car. In addition to that, he parked my car without a valet sticker and the mall cops ended up putting a "very hard to remove" sticker on my driver's side window. I was less than pleased when I picked up my car from valet the next morning. Luckily, the morning valet crew was a lot better, and they worked for 15 minutes to get the sticker off of my window, which made me feel better! Before checking out, I headed upstairs to the pool area to take some shots. I love the pool at the Westin. It's on the 18th floor and offers amazing views of all the skylines of Houston. 


The wine room. No, nothing is wrong with my camera or the picture. That's the actual texture of the glass.



Disclosure: Hotel stay & meals were sponsored by Westin Memorial City Hotel through New Creative Media. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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