Saturday, June 06, 2015

For the first day of Comicpalooza, I decided to attend in costume.  I debated between going as Xena, Warrior Princess or Storm from X-Men. In the end, Storm won out because of the ease of her costume. I was Xena once before, in college, and I had to make that costume. Storm wears a jumpsuit when she's in X-Men mode, and while I own several black jumpsuits, none of them fit the bill for fit and long-sleeves, so I opted to pass off the illusion that I was in a jumpsuit with skinny black jeans, and a fitted workout jacket. I paired my all black ensemble with my platinum wig from Halloween 2014 (I purchased it to wear with my black cat ears). I really wanted to wear my over-the-knee boots, but they have a fairly significant heel and I didn't want to be walking around Comicpalooza all day in in high heels, so I opted for my black riding boots. For the finishing touch I added a wide belt with a big buckle. Later, Harry mentioned that I should have made an "X" out of aluminum foil and put it on the belt to symbolize X-men (Great idea, but I had none by the time he gave me the idea)!  Storm also wears gloves, but since it was 80 degrees in May, I couldn't find any, so I had to wear my fingerless black gloves. I'd say for a homemade costume, it was pretty decent, and people knew who I was, outside of the obvious fact that I'm black and wearing white hair! Haha). I also went in on my makeup, wearing silver eye shadow, silver eyelashes and white eyeliner. The effect was pretty cool, because it made my eyes look like they didn't have pupils! 

As soon as I stepped off the escalators, onto the 3rd floor, there were backdrops calling my name. I don't watch iZombie, but if you follow me on IG you know that I watch Arrow and The Flash religiously. It was an obligatory photo op.
Storm & Arrow
Storm with her X-Men friends Phoenix and Rogue.
Storm with Captain America villain, Red Skull
Storm with Imperial STORMTrooper (see what I did there with the storm part of his name?)
Storm with Endor Moon Storm Strooper
STORM Costume
Jacket: Target
Tube Top: Forever 21
Jeans: New York & Company
Boots: Alfani
Gloves: BCBG
Wig: Party City

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