EVENT RECAP: MINI Motoring Challenge

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The MINI Motoring Challenge was a lot of fun! I signed up for the 8pm time slot last friday and met up with my friends, Harry, Ashley, & Rico with his two boys at the event. After checking in, I needed a few moments just to take in everything. Right away we signed up for a raffle to win a colorful MINI gym bag and picked up glow sticks. Unfortunately, no one in my party won that raffle, but we won for other contests throughout the night. As mentioned in the sponsored post, MINI had thought of everything for the event. There were food trucks, T-shirt screening, dance contests, a DJ who spun for the silent disco, The Bumby's, table tennis, and of course the race tracks themselves. To participate in Silent Disco, you handed over your ID to the ladies at the spotify table and they gave you a pair of headphones to wear for the night. The headphone ears changed colors depending on what channel you chose to listen too. Options were the live DJ, Spotify channel, and then a pre-mixed channel. I rotated throughout the evening depending on my mood. 

The Bumby's were cool too. I had never heard of them before I wrote about this event, but apparently they are big in New York (everything starts in New York, right? lol). But anyway, it's a man and a woman who cover their faces and eyes and assess your appearance and give you a typed out review once they are done. It's a little nerve-wracking to just stand there while they stare at you and type and say nothing, but it's fun. I received a positive review, and I share it below. There was so much to do, that I ended up only driving 2 of the 3 courses; the getaway and the MINI pinball. The getaway was to simulate a car chase, and getting away after committing a crime like a bank robbery. That one was fun, but I was most excited about the Pinball track, but I didn't want to do that one before it got dark. While waiting for it to get darker, I participated in a dance contest with Harry. Harry won a pair of spotify headphones, and I won a MINI messenger bag. After I got in line to pick up my free t-shirt. There were 4 options for T-shirt designs, but I picked "The Road is my Racetrack" tee. I love black t-shirts! They are my absolute fave! Everyone should give away black t-shirts instead of white. 

Finally it was time to test-drive on the pinball track. Each course had an option of driving a 2-door Mini or a 4-door Mini. The 4-door lines seemed to be shorter, so I got in the 4-door line for the pinball track. The pinball track was fun, because there were lit tunnels and objects on the course that resembled things you would see in a pinball machine and the radio inside was programmed to play pinball sounds. It was definitely my favorite course. I even have a video from it, that you can watch on this link. Enjoy my photos from the event below:

Raffle table! Not going to lie, I wanted one of these colorful bags!

The Bumbys

Ashley & Harry in line at the Getaway.

Spotify headphone pickup!
Silent Disco DJ
Me participating in the dance contest

Harry participating in the dance contest.

Loving my headphones!

Rico with his two kids!

The pinball track!


Yea...this is a really big cone!

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