COMICPALOOZA: Day 1 Recap - Houston Nerds Unite!

Monday, June 01, 2015

My first day of Comicpalooza was a whirlwind.  I arrived a little after 12 noon with my co-worker and friend Harry! We have every other Friday off, and Comicpalooza happened to fall on our "off" so we decided to go the first day! The convention itself is huge. I even I heard from a previous attendee that this is the biggest it's ever been. The convention spanned all 3 floors of the George R. Brown Convention center from end to end.  There was a lot of walking back and forth, and I was a little overwhelmed! As a first time attendee, it was hard not to want to do everything all at once, but luckily I downloaded the Comicpalooza app that really helped me create a schedule.  There were several panels & Q&As I wanted to go too and I wanted to explore all of the exhibitors. Time seemed to fly by, even though I had 5.5 hours before I had to head out for a blogger meet & greet, but that 5.5 hours went by quick! Check out everything I did on Day 1 of Comicpalooza below.

The first panel I attended was the "Female Superheroes of Planetary Science."As a science fiction fan, and lover of  all things space, the closest I can get to that type of stuff in the real world is through the daily discoveries and work of those who explore space. The ladies were funny. We talked about life on other planets, and what they do in their day-to-day activities. There were also kids in the audience who asked cute questions like if it would be possible to ride an asteroid around space like a horse.  Kids have the best imaginations, and who's to say it couldn't happen. The other panel I attended on day one was Star Wars vs Star Trek. This was a fun session, where the room was divided into two seating sides, Star Wars side vs Star Trek, and the panel consisted of 2 people on each side of the debate. Even though I'm a Star Wars fan through and through, I had to give props to the girl's skirt on the Star Trek side. It had the one ring script from Lord of the Rings! How cool is that? 

Comicpalooza had a little bit of everything, and you'll see everything they had to offer over my next few posts. After leaving the Star Wars vs Star Trek debate, I ran into these old school video game machines! Talk about throwback! People were already on them. After taking my round at some of the games, I headed down to the exhibitor hall to see what celebrities I could spot in the Autograph and photo session area. 

Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca.
Do you remember her from Smallville? She played Lex Luthor's wife that tried to kill him!
Peter Winkler, The Fonz himself
Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel Universe that we know and love today! 
Following my covert actions at the autograph area, I headed to the general assembly to sit in on the Hayley Atwell Q&A. She's so cheeky (I've always wanted to use that word)! For those of you who don't know who Hayley Atwell is, she played Agent Carter in the first Captain America movie and has her own spin-off series on ABC titled Agent Carter. Her Q&A was great and she seemed so nice! Definitely a person that would make you feel right at home! 

Agent Carter, aka Hayley Atwell Q&A session

After Hayley's Q&A session, I had some time to explore the exhibitor booths. It was in this area that I snapped most of my costume spotting that I posted about previously here

Captain America memorabilia
Since these are my two favorite shows on television right now, I ALMOST bought them! Arrow and Flash!
Landspeeder anyone?
There was even a cool booth that sold lightsabers! Cheapest was around $80.00, but you can add sound and the ability to change the lightsaber color for additional money. I'm not going to lie...I almost walked away with a lightsaber!
I snapped this picture of a random guest enjoying his time with the dual lightsaber!
Harry had to check out the lightsaber too! Harry had his Harry Potter wand and wore his slytherin pin!
Instead of leaving with a lightsaber, I left with a pair of Sais. I've always wanted my own pair to display on the wall, and maybe one day, I'll learn how to use them!
We may have had way too much fun with this mirror in the elevator hallway.

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