EVENT RECAP: Bayou City Arts Festival - 2015 Memorial Park

Sunday, April 05, 2015

It's that time of year again; Festival season! Whether you're attending SXSW, Coachella or an Arts festival, get out there and enjoy the day! Last weekend I did just that by attending the 2015 Memorial Park edition of the Bayou City Arts Festival (BCAF). It came up so quickly that I almost missed it! I feel like I just attended the downtown edition of BCAF back in October and next thing I know, it's time to go again. Once again the PR team for the Arts Festival, Medley Inc., was kind enough to grant me a media pass to cover the event. There were definitely changes this year to the festival. Instead of offering shuttle buses from multiple locations around the city to the festival there was only one shuttle being offered and it was all the way at Northwest Mall.  The festival committee, also omitted the performance stages to open up more space for vendors. I have to say I kind of missed the live performances. The live performances were a great way to regroup after walking around and they were always enjoyable. They still had a creative zone for kids, where children could participate in fun DIYs from kite making to aboriginal prints (I want to be a kid again!)

The festival was 3 days long, starting Friday, March 27th and ending Sunday, March 29th. I was only able to attend the last day, but it was still fun! The weather was perfect and everyone was enjoying themselves. I love going to BCAF and discovering new artists and visiting booths of artists I've met before. I'm especially fond of jewelry booths, because I'm always looking for unique pieces to add to my collection. One of my favorite jewelry booths was there, Rewind Jewelry. I love their antique watch turned jewelry concept! Check out my photos below from the event! 

Kenneth Hudson, Photography Booth. See the Houston Downtown picture on the left in black and white? I plan on purchasing that large size for my living room! I fell in love with the shadow play on the print!

It looks like yarn or another type of thread right? Wrong! It's actually glass! Who would have thunk it?! Hahaha Of course I had to go up and touch it. Don't worry! I didn't touch the one that said "Sold! Please do not touch"! These would also be cool to have in my living room!

These little wood blocks are musical instruments! The artists were giving us a demonstration of how they sound. They are so mellow and relaxing. I need to hire someone to play this all day at my house so I could be in chill mode!

This artists' work were particularily interesting! They are heads made out of metal fibers! I loved the concept! I would buy a few of these too for an entry hallway!

I want these in my front yard, but since I don't trust people, it would have to be a gated front yard!

Check out these guys!
If only I were a kid again! How could would it be to own a teepee!

It almost resembles a bug....but it's a flower!
Wearable photos! I love this concept. Turning your photograph into a wrap!
And what's a festival without food! Food trucks abound at BCAF from shaved ice to grilled cheese trucks.

To see all of my photos from the festival, visit my facebook album here


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