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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well, it's not every day that one finds themselves featured in a magazine! Around mid-March I received an email from Young Houston Magazine, notifying me that they had picked me to be featured in their Top 100 Young Houston Professionals issue. It's fairly recent (within the past year) that I even heard of Young Houston Magazine (YHM). YHM was created by Willie Ntim, and they already have a Young Dallas Magazine. The Young Magazine brand plans to launch the magazine in major cities in the US and South America before the end of the calendar year!  The purpose of the magazine is to feature young professionals in fashion, art, and the talent industries.  It's an innovative magazine for it's day an age.  In a time, where it seems print is falling by the wayside, Willie and his team have found new ways to keep the magazine alive. From double-sided covers, to watch-while-you-read features, Young Houston Magazine has a lot of creative ideas.   I would like to take this time to again thank Willie and his team for featuring me in their magazine!

The double-sided cover for the Spring 2015 issue of Young Houston Magazine
As one of the featured 100, we were asked to submit a bio and come in for a video interview that would be included in the magazine. Wait! "How would the video interview be included in a print magazine?" you ask? By QR Code, of course! Each professional recorded a one-minute dialogue that was linked through a QR Code in the magazine next to their profile. If you downloaded a QR reader, while reading the magazine, you could hover over the code and a link to that professionals' interview would play right on your phone! It was a cool concept! I was nervous about recording my interview, and I thought I would have to do lots of takes, but I nailed it on the first one! 

To celebrate the Top 100 issue, Young Houston Magazine hosted a red-carpet magazine release party at Mercedes-Benz Houston North. Guests of the event paid $25.00 to attend and the featured 100 were able to attend the event complimentary. This was my first YHM event, and there were parts I liked about it and parts that definitely could have been better, but overall it was a nice event. It also was the worst night in Houston ever for mother nature! The rain would not stop, and the event was far, so a lot of people had to travel a pretty long distance in terrible weather to make the event, but despite the weather, the event had a great turn out! I only wish there would have been better viewing for the runway and more seats for all of us damsels in heels! Ha! Near the end of the event, the YHM team handed out copies of the magazine. I definitely wanted to get my hands on an issue and was one of the first people in line! After finding myself and friends on the collaged cover, I flipped through the mag to my feature. I was in good company on my page, knowing 2 of the other 3 nominees, David Martinez and Rocko Steady Narvios. You can read my feature below!  I didn't stay too much longer after I received the magazine. The weather wasn't letting up, and I had about an hour drive  to get back to my house and wanted to make it safely! 


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