PRODUCT REVIEW: My ReTrak Selfie Stick & Contest

Friday, April 03, 2015

I'm going to be really honest here...I used to think selfie sticks were stupid. In fact I secretly laughed at people with selfie sticks, with the following thoughts; "Who couldn't take their own selfie with their hand?" and "Do people seriously walk around with a selfie stick on them at all times!?" But enter now, where I was picked as one of the bloggers to review ReTrak's rectractable selfie stick and I can't be parted from it! This selfie stick has changed my life! I absolutely love it! Not only can I take amazing individual selfies of myself that are more than just my face and neckline, but I can take better group selfies and film better videos. I even use the selfie stick to take better photos at events when I'm in a crowd to see above the crowd! I received the selfie stick from ReTrak mid-last month. In addition to sending the selfie stick, Retrak sent some of their other retractable items; headphones and a charger. 

For the last few weeks I've been going crazy with my selfie stick. Not only is it portable because it shrinks to fit in my purse, but it has made taking selfies so easy!  You may be wondering how this particular selfie stick works. Well it's pretty simple.  You set your phone into the adjustable frame at the The frame elongates for really long phones. You make sure it's in place with the green clamp. Once the phone is in place you take the 3.5mm jack connection that's at the end of the stick and plug it into the headphone jack on your phone.  Now you're phone is one with the selfie stick.  You can extend the stick to varying lengths almost like an umbrella. The button to take the photo is conveniently located in the handle of the selfie stick which avoids having to be bothered with a separate remote. Check out some of my photos taken with the selfie stick below:

Selfie sticks are great for impromptu shots with co-workers during lunch runs!

Selfie sticks are great for taking a photo with your Intern at events and getting full shots of your outfit and signs!

Selfie sticks make it easier for you to be in the picture with the object you want to feature! I took these photos at two artist booths at Bayou City Arts Festival.

Selfie sticks are great for wider single selfie shots and shots with friends!

Say goodbye to the fully zoomed in selfie! Now I can show my followers more of my outfit of the days!!
This photo I took by raising my selfie stick high above the heads of the people in front of me! Otherwise this capture would have been impossible!
Group photos at Events 
Massive group photos! When it comes to fitting a bunch of people into one photo, nothing replaces the selfie stick! I took this photo at a Houston Blogger Social Club brunch last weekend!
How would you like to own your own selfie stick? Enter ReTrak's selfie contest for your chance to win! The contest is over in 2 days so hurry! If you can't wait for the contest results or you don't win, check out ReTrak's list of stores to buy your selfie stick today! They range from $9.99 to $24.99 depending on which type of selfie stick you want! 

Disclaimer: I received this product for free, thoughts and opinions are my own

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