EVENT RECAP: Primavera Fashion Show 3

Friday, April 17, 2015

The final and last fashion show for Primavera featured looks from Banana Republic, L.K. Bennett, Brooks Brothers, Club Monaco & Trina Turk. By the time this show was ready to start, the crowd was excited, having sat through the  2 previous shows, they had a general idea of what to expect! The shows featured looks that gave myself and the crowd new ideas for this season. The styling of each outfit was amazing, from the hair to the make-up. I enjoyed seeing all the new trends that will be available to us throughout the season.
 The first handsome gentleman to come out was wearing this fashionable brown leather jacket. 

This was one of my favorites from Banana Republic. The styling of this romper is comfortable and effortless. 
Did you catch this cute clutch? The front and back are different and say super cute quotes. 

This look was definitely my favorite from the Banana Republic Spring collection. I loved each piece individually. The vest reminds me of a safari and I would wear it with or without a dress. 

This styling was very unique in my opinion. The shorts look very casual and the shoes let you know it's a casual outfit, but the blazer adds something different. Very Hampton-esque!

How handsome does he look? This is a very pulled together look.

I love how simple this dress is. However, the first half of the dress is amazing. It has details and is proper for the work environment.
This was my favorite out of the L.K. Bennett collection. I loved the styling! I think it's something different and not something many would think of. I love how the yellow and orange give that extra pop of color. And of course I love a daisy print. 
I noticed yellow was in during the Primavera fashion shows. This dress is simple which is great because it can be dressed up or down. 
This was definitely the most sophisticated dress that came down the runway. 

I am obsessed with this dress. I love the print and I love the colors. It is perfect for Spring!

I must admit, I never thought of Brooks Brothers as a women's retailer. I was kind of suprised to see some of the women's looks. For example, this outfit, which is very cute, was something unexpected from this store. 

This was exactly what I was expecting from Brooks Brothers. I imagine a well dressed, put together, handsome man. 
Ok, ladies this is a great dress to give yourself a figure. The black side panels will make you appear slimmer and the print is extremely cute.  
This was my favorite for Brook Brothers. It is perfect to attend church on Easter Sunday. 
How fun is this skirt? I loved the color and the print. I must admit, I was impressed. 

I fell in love with this dress. This is such a pretty shade of green and it can be styled with gold accessories. I loved how simple they kept the styling, but the belt added that little bit of extra without taking too much from the color. 
This was my favorite look from the Club Monaco collection. I loved the pieces together and I would love them individually. 
This was another one of my favorites! This adds a twist to the "little black dress".
This whole outfit is perfect for that summer getaway to the beach. It is stylish and practical because you can easily wear your swim suit underneath. 
So, I know this bag is supposed to be for men, but can I wear it? 
The question is what did I not like from this collection. I am in love with every outfit. Everything was interesting and super cute. 
This shirt was so cute! The best part is that since it already has details you don't have to add too much to it. 

I am loving this bright pink color. 
How cute is this styling? The shorts are super cute and the white jacket adds a little more to the ensemble. 
My favorite flower is a daisy! So it is only natural that I like this dress. 
This dress is perfect to wear on vacation while having dinner. Just wear a gold high heel and cute bangles and your are done. The lace and the cuts on the side speak for themselves.

Written by Evelyn Casas

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