EVENT RECAP: Ashley Stewart Love Your Curves Tour - Houston

Saturday, April 04, 2015

I love supporting my fellow blogger friends in all of their events around the city! I wish I could make everyone's events, but of course I can't, and everyone can't make it to mine. We are all just really busy, however, I'm glad that I was able to make it to Tameka's (we call her Tammy) event hosting the Ashley Stewart "Love Your Curves" Tour during it's 3-day stop in Houston. Tammy is a fabulous plus-size blogger at Embellished Dame.  She was voted top Plus-Size Fashion Blog for 2014 for the Houston Fashion Blogger awards! The tour consisted of 3 events; A model call on Thursday, party on Friday night, and the final fashion show on Saturday. Due to my schedule, I was only able to make it to the Saturday event, but it was a lot of fun (minus the fact that someone stole my umbrella! Seriously?). 

When I arrived, there was a fun step and repeat at the front of the store to take photos and DJ Supastar was keepin' it real with the latest hits. I found Tammy and snagged her for some photos. A little bit after the start time, the event kicked off with a walk-off between guests of the event to see who had the best model walk. All of their walks were fierce. I can't tell you who won, because when they did part 2 after the fashion show, I was too busy trying on clothes in the fitting room! After the part 1 walk-off there was another break and then the fashion show started. This fashion show was unique because they picked the models from the crowd at the event on Thursday during the Model Call. It's always fun to see non-models working a runway!


How gorge is Tammy in her "I Am Ashley" Tee and pencil skirt! Curves for days honey! Werk!

Guests waiting for the fashion show to start!
AhA! See I'm not the only one with a selfie stick! DJ Supastar multitasking!




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