WHAT I WORE: Icy Lavender for Modani

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sooooo, I'm definitely not trying to stir up another internet dress debate, but the dress I chose for the Modani event could be seen as pastel blue, or icy lavender (which color do you see?). Either way, I loved it! It may or may not be obvious by now, but I'm kind ofobsessed with all things ASOS Curve! A few of my recent OOTD posts have featured clothes from ASOS.  While, ASOS Curve is not a new discovery for me, I have recently been purchasing from them more and more. This is mostly due to lack of time I have to actually shop in person. It's so easy to order clothes over a lunch break at work, or alongside a night of blogging, whilst to shop, I have to do that during store hours. So let's just say online shopping and I have become very acquainted!

So how did I come to choose this dress you might be asking? Well, as one of the partners or hosts of the Modani event I definitely wanted something special. I knew it was a red carpet event, and I wanted to look extra nice. I went through an internal debate with myself on this dress and a few others, but eventually this one won out! One thing I love the most about Asos is that in addition to showing the clothes on a model in just a still picture, they also have a catwalk video for each of the items.  This helps sooooo much because you can actually see how the clothes really fit the model as she walks and where things fall. It definitely helps to make that final decision between pieces! But, I also fell in love with this color offering (whatever the color may be!). It also comes in a dark green, but I thought this hue would be a great contrast against my skintone. I also like that the dress wasn't tight, and that it had more of a Grecian or angelic feel to it! To top of the dress I paired it with my new necklace from Kendra Scott!

Dress: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Kendra Scott
Watch: MICHAEL Michael Kors
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff
Pumps: Valentino

I definitely had to zoom in on my new necklace. I picked out the stones and their placement myself!


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