THRIVE BLOG CONFERENCE NIGHT ONE: Fashion Passport Party & Hyatt NightCap

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ok, so who doesn't love a good party, and a 'Fashion Passport' party at that?! You may be wondering what a Fashion Passport Party is...well, wonder no further! For night one of Thrive, the conference creators, Whitney Hough and Breanna Pair put together a passport party that helped us explore a few of the local shops at Market Street The Woodlands.  The Fashion Passport Party kicked off at Langford Market around 7 pm. Each attendee received a passport (postcard) with a slot for each store we were supposed to visit within roughly 2 hours.  Each location was aware of our pending visit and were provided with cute stamps to stamp our passports! In addition to the passports, we received a handful of coupons for each location (to further help with my shopaholicsm) and a map of Market Street. 

I, along with 5 other select bloggers were apparently overachievers because we managed to hit up all ten stores within the allotted time frame! Almost all the stores had goodies and champagne so needless to say that by the time I was done visiting all the stores I was stuffed. The food and drinks started at Langford Market with Deep Eddy Vodka on the scene with their signature vodka blends and lite bites. I wasted no time picking up a sweet tea cocktail and some cheese and crackers. Being that Langford Market was one of the stops on the passport, I decided to stay there first and shop. I left with a set of fingertip rings that spell out LOVE and a really cool metal leaf necklace. 

Which one did I buy? You'll have to wait and see unless you already peeped it on my Instagram feed.
After Langford Market I headed to one of my favorite beauty stores, Lush cosmetics for a complimentary hand or face facial. I opted for the hand facial since I wanted to have time to hit up all the stores. I definitely left with a massage bar and body conditioner.

I was intrigued to stop in Madewell, because it's not typically a store I would shop it. They don't really appeal to my fashion aesthetic, or at least so I thought! I did love all the brass pieces of jewelry they had and their cute assymetric toe pumps! Unfortunately the sizes didn't work out for the feet, but I did like their offerings. I also liked that they had a charity going on to recycle old jeans!

With fellow blogger, Amber at Trina Turk

At Trina Turk all of us received goodie bags that contained a trendy iphone 6 phone case c/o Trina Turk!

After hitting up all the spots by 8:45 we were all to reconvene at Langford Market for giveaways.  To enter for goodies from the local shops you had to turn in your passport.  Whitney and Breanna took turns calling out names until all the goodies were given away. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything (that night, more on that later), but I had a great time meeting new bloggers and chatting with old friends. It was a fun night! After the fashion passport party, we headed over to the bar at Hyatt Market Street for a nightcap and some good eats! 

Our conference hosts and creators, Whitney Hough (L) and Breanna Pair (R). Don't they looks so chic in their Trina Turk ensembles?! I love these looks!

*All photos in this post without the Live Life in Style watermark were taken by Meg Cady, Everyday Meg

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