BIRTHDAY WEEKEND DAY 2: Isle of Capri, L'Auberge, & Golden Nugget

Sunday, March 01, 2015

5 of us made it back to the hotel in Sulphur after our night cap at Blue Martini! It worked out because the room we stayed in could comfortably sleep 5 people. In the morning Nikki, Evelyn, and Heather wanted to sleep in, but Valerie and I wanted to get in some cheaper gambling play, so we headed to Isle of Capri. Once we arrived, it was clear that Isle of Capri was ready to celebrate Mardi Gras, and I had to snap some photos in front of the Mardi Gras decorations (Thanks Val for the pics!).  After winning some $$ on $10 Craps at Isle of Capri I headed back to pick up Nikki, Heather, and Evelyn and Val went back to Houston! We headed from the hotel to back to Lake Charles to eat brunch at Golden Nugget, but last minute we decided to eat at L'Auberge Casino Resort instead. L'Auberge and Golden Nugget are as different as night and day. Both are nice, but Golden Nugget definitely feels like it fell straight out of Las Vegas, while L'Auberge reminds me of a fancy ski lodge or over-sized ranch! I like both vibes and now you can park once and enjoy both because there's a shuttle between the two.

I've always loved the architecture of L'Auberge. It definitely has more curb appeal than Golden Nugget.
Where's there's a great background, there are bloggers taking photos!

The lazy river at L'Auberge
We settled on eating at Jack Daniel's Bar & Grill. The service was "interesting" to say the least, but the food was yummy! The weather had warmed up from the day before, so we decided to sit out on the patio and enjoy the rays!
I liked this shot of the hotel sign from our seats at Jack Daniels


We wanted to catch the lazy river in the background! #WefieQueens
Lo and behold there was a photobooth inside Jack Daniels that we stopped to take a couple photos in!

Very ranch and western feel around L'Auberge!

yea....when BeeGee's Stayin Alive came on...

After eating at L'Auberge we headed back to Golden Nugget to hang out poolside and do some last minute shopping.

We really liked her bathing suit uniform! It was so cute with the colors of the pool area. 

Some photos in this post by Evelyn Casas and Nicole Kestenbaum

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