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Monday, March 23, 2015

The other day I was tagged on a Facebook status to share my opinion on the status. The status was written by a image consultant/blogger pal of mine who was sharing her opinion about an off-duty Judge that she caught on a talk show the other day.  Bascially her opinion was that the look the judge wore on the talk show didn't convey her as a judge, and she didn't think it worked for her role as a judge. I definitely had to comment, because this is a topic dear to my heart. But first, please understand that I'm not saying my friend can't have her opinion or think that way, but I definitely shared my thoughts.  As some of you may or may not know, I do have a full time job. I work a 9-5 (well really an 8 am - 6 pm sometimes 7 am) job as a Project Engineer at a specialty chemical plant. I rarely talk about my job on my blog, besides a few #EngineerbyDay photos on Instagram, but I'm definitely not a full-time blogger. However, even though I work a 9-5 as an Engineer, I refuse to dress like a typical Engineer. Let me clarify & say that there is nothing wrong with dressing for corporate America. It's just not my style. Sure if I was hired into a job where they had a strict dress code as in suits every day, I would adhere, but since I work at a manufacturing facility I have a little bit more freedom.  

No one at my job is wearing a tailored three-piece suit to go work with chemicals. In fact, we're even allowed to wear jeans! And not just jeans on Fridays like some jobs, but every day! I definitely take advantage of this, by finding fun ways to dress up otherwise mundane denim. And even though we're allowed to wear jeans, I don't always wear jeans. I've work trousers, ankle pants, maxi skirts and more to work. I wear pieces that express my personal style, but I still adhere to a general standard of work appropriate clothing.  As in, I will never show up to work in a mini skirt, crop top and thigh-highs! Ha! But this particular outfit that I'm showcasing today on the blog is a look I wore to work, and I think it stands out.  I refused to be boxed into other people's ideals and stereotypes on how Engineer's should dress. I define my job, my job does not define me. What do you guys think?

Tank Top: Clothes Swap in Austin
Jeans: Old Navy
Overlay: Forever 21?
Necklace: The Shine Project
Ring & Earrings: Kendra Scott
Shoes: Bandolino (Macy's)
Headband: Francesca's Collection

Not ready to wear mesh or lace overlays to work? Here are some other tips and tricks you can do to snazz up your work looks
  • Bold jewelry - whether it's a statement necklace, cocktail ring or a pair of fierce danglers, stepping up your jewelry game is the easiest way to change a look
  • Put the Black down - While blacks seem to be the standard suit color and easy go-to for work attire, try changing it up a bit. Wear a navy blue blazer instead of black.
  • Heels - Flats are great, and I confess that I wear flats most of the time to work, but every now and then I'll swap out for a cute kitten heel or higher heel. Just adding heels to a pair of jeans elevates your look
  • Watch - some may classify this as jewelry, but I like to think of watches as their own unique accessory. In this digital age where it's almost easier to look at your "glued to your hand" phone for the time, watches have become more accessories than actual time keepers. You can't go wrong with a great watch.
  • Nails - I spend all day on the computer so I typically don't get my nails done, but a nice manicure in a bold color goes a long way! I'd recommend staying away from the long, curly nails as they can get in the way of you doing work! 
  • Statement Flats - I know I said go for the heels, but if you can't or you wear flats most of the time, go for a chic flat! There are tons of amazing flats available today with emblems (think Michael Kors or Tory Burch) that will add that fashion element to your style. Try flats in colors other than black! 

*Photos by Leena Vuor

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