Wednesday, March 04, 2015

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that my blog officially turned 5 on February 11th, 2015! To celebrate I hosted a blogiversary party at one of my favorite boutiques in Houston, Lily Rain. The event was held the day after my actual anniversary due to several fashion event conflicts on Wednesday, the 11th. The store manager at Lily Rain and their staff were so friendly and helpful with the party! For the party, I brought in food from Kroger's (officially obsessed with their party trays ever since they sponsored the Houston Fashion Bloggers' Holiday Party back in December). For entertainment, I brought in BoothRUs photobooth. My guests and I had tons of fun taking silly photos in the photo booth.

I also hosted a trivia for prizes. I created a 13 question sheet with questions on Live Life in Style and whoever answered the most questions correctly received a prize! I also handed out tickets for raffle prizes! By the end of the night, everyone had a prize in their hand! We capped the evening with a "faux champagne" toast and marble cake! Faux champagne because I'm not the biggest fan of the taste of champagne, so I opted for sparking grape juices instead! Hahaha. I was so busy mingling with my guests, that I didn't even have the chance to shop! That night Lily Rain offered a 20% off discount to all of my guests!  Check out photos from the event below take by Photographer Erick Faubricio!

Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Faith Haller tackles the photobooth with President Obama
I think Faith was a fan of Nikki's fabtacular shoes! Look at that sparkle!
Bloggers capturing food!
I had placards around the party with all of the social media tags! I love to do that! It makes it easy for guests to remember what to share on social media!
My FGI-Houston buddies Priya and Martha having some fun in the photobooth.
Andrea is looking super cheek in her blazer and polkadot top! I wonder what she bought!
Fashionista, Andrea Bonner looking for her next skirt!

Taylor and Nikki engaged in an entertaining convo!
What would a party be if I wasn't captured stuffing my face! I told y'all I love these deli sandwiches from Krogers!
Thank you so much to Deneka and Heather for making it to the party! These girls always know how to dress!

Deneka filling out the trivia!
I decided to be Nicki Minaj for the evening!
With my good friend Valerie who came to support and help me manage the event! Thanks girl! You are always so helpful!

Amanda, the Lily Rain Store Manage and her associates! They were so great throughout the night!
Told you she was fashionable! Love this look on you Deneka!

Having fun in the video booth with vlogger Tiffany Nicholes!
Vintage Diva!
Tameka already knows I plan to steal this skirt from her! Ha!

My cake before we tapped into it!

It was so nice of my co-workers to come out and support me!
Mandatory selfies abounded through the evening!
With the always supportive blog lover Nicole!
I heart these two! Haha my galpals for life!

Hi Catherine! Isn't she chic?
My go to MUA and friend, LeRenda Howard!
DelMonicole Fashion Designer, Tarsha Williams! 
And of course I had to take a photo with my intern! 
At the end of the evening I went over the trivia answers to award prizes!
To see all the photos from my blogiversary party, view the album here.

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  1. Congrats on 5 years! It looks like your anniversary celebration turned out so well. Killer dress by the way!

    - Michelle Heath


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