EVENT RECAP: FGI-Houston Spring 2015 Trends Event

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last week I attended Fashion Group International - Houston's Spring 2015 Trends Event. It was a fun and very informative event.   The venue host for the evening was Eyebar Houston, a cute, boutique optometry office located in River Oaks and run by Dr. Sheena Garner.  The purpose of the event was to allow members and non-members (for a fee) to be privy to expert tips on Spring 2015 from a panel of industry professionals. The panel, moderated by Style Expert & HCC Fashion Professor Andrea Bonner, included Professional Makeup Artist Katie Burns, Lily Rain Director of Inventory & Product Management Laura Lopez, and Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Todd Ramos.  Before the panel was introduced by FGI-Houston Chair Sydney Dao, attendees were able to mingle, shop cute frames and sunnies, and enjoy petite treats from Dolce Delights (I may have tried all three desserts...so sue me!). 

The yummy treats sponsored by Dolce Delights. I will definitely have to visit them next time I'm in town.
Okay, Okay....so what did I learn about Spring 2015? Let's start off with the fashion trends. Everything 1970s is coming back from boho to flared pants & shirt dresses. Gingham, culottes, and one shoulder silhouettes are coming with a vengeance.  And while I feel denim is always popular, Todd stated that a new denim craze is taking over.  And while Todd had the 411 on fashion trends, Katie gave us the scoop on beauty trends.  Beauty for 2015 consists of natural skin, soft eyes, skin, cheeks, and brows with a pop of color on the lips. Taupes and browns were popular for the eyes along with liquid liner. Katie summed up the beauty trends with, "Enhancing your natural beauty and letting your skin shine through." Laura added that textiles were very important for spring, along with certain color palettes. Pastels were prominent for Spring, but so were deep rich primary colors.  Laura also stated tat maxi skirts and dresses, linen, and head-to-toe white was also on trend. 

And we couldn't be at an event hosted by the fashionable Dr. Sheena Garner without asking her about eyeglass trends. Over the years, eyewear has taken on a fashion life of it's own. No longer is eyewear just used to correct vision, but they are also considered fashion accessories. Picking the right shape for your frames is definitely important, and Dr. Garner agrees, "Glasses are used for fashion accessories, knowing your face shape will help you in choosing the perfect pair."

Laura also had the following to say about Social Media and it's affect on trends. "Social Media has a huge influence on trends. Making it more and more global. Trends are immediate".

And Todd summed up the entire evening with these words, "There are no more rules. Trends have become staples. It's all about your personal style, body composition, and knowing your color palette," remarked Todd, "It's what you like and what works for you."

The lovely Priya James and Sydney Dao! They doing opposite twinning with their black and white, and I love Priya's bicycle skirt!

And I of course couldn't leave without trying on some Miu Miu sunglasses.

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