Friday, March 06, 2015

A few weeks ago, I headed to Silver Street Studios for their Wedding Open House. No I'm not getting married, but I was there to view Natalie Harris' 2015 Bridal Collection for Damsel White Label. I first met Natalie at an FGI-Houston Mixer last year and she had her fab lookbook with her.  As I perused the designs, I fell in love with her creative design aesthetic for the alternative bride. For the bride that doesn't want to be traditional, but wants to be fresh and true to her own personal style on one of the biggest days of her life! You may remember that I covered Natalie's Bridal Presentation at the Houston Bridal Expo here! For my second go around viewing Natalie's collection she did not disappoint. 

The runway was held inside the gallery area of Silver Street Studios, and the models were flankedon each side of the runway by gold chairs and framed artwork. At the entry to the runway, there was a 3D floral wall by Blome's Paperie that stood to be the best backdrop ever for a bridal runway show (I may or may not have used it for an #OOTN photoshoot after the show!)! The bouquets were designed and provided by Blinged Bouquet another local Houston vendor! 

A couple of my favorites returned from the hi-lo red gown to the dress with the silver ruched skirt, but there were a slew of new pieces! Don't let the tats, rocker chic hair, and bold colors turn you away, if you are more of a traditional bride. Natalie also featured classic silhouettes and traditional wedding colors as well! Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or just looking for a formal dress or gown to wear to your next fashionable event, I'm sure you can find what you're looking for with one of Natalie Harris' designs! Not only does she have an arsenal of great ideas, she also collaborates with her customers on their final designs and she reaches out readily to her fans for feedback. You are guaranteed to walk away with a gown that you love! Check out the photos* from her runway presentation below! 

*Please excuse the low quality of the photos. My camera is in the camera shop so I'm using my old-school point and shoot! :-(

I love this dress! So sexy in the back with that big open cut-out!
I loved the print on this dress! How fun is this?

In addition the amazing runway show put on by Natalie and her team, Silver Street studios had been totally transformed into a Wedding wonderland. There were cake vendors, photobooth vendors, food vendors, DIY vendors, and event production reps specializing in everything from centerpieces to type of dance floor! At a minimum the event made me want to throw a party!


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