DISCOVER: Clarins Spring 2015 Beauty Products

Monday, March 02, 2015

It's not everyday I arrive home to a brand new Lincoln MKZ parked outside waiting to drive me to a beauty event! But, there I was saying hello to my friendly driver Ralph, and snapping a picture of the Lincoln.  This was all made possible by the lovely people at the megawatt beauty brand Clarins. Clarins invited bloggers all around the city to attend their Spring 2015 beauty event at Macy's Houston Galleria Mall featuring celebrity makeup artist Dayan Herrera. They offered each and every one of us car service to attend the event, and I'm pretty sure most of us accepted! I had a fun time headed to the mall, chatting with Ralph about his journey to the U.S.! He's originally from Lebanon. 

At the event, I networked with my fellow bloggers, and of course captured pictures of all the beauty products offered by Clarins. About a half an hour into the event, Dayan started his presentation. He took us through Clarins' Spring 2015 line, and guess what? Yours truly was an eye serum model! Dayan asked for a volunteer, and I happily took up the charge!After the presentation of new products, we were able to chat with Dayan and ask questions to him and the Clarins representative, Nassima. Before leaving the event everyone was gifted a hefty Clarins bag full of products! I'll definitely be blogging about my trials with the items! 

Just a few of the new product launches for Spring 2015 are the:

Photo by HFB Intern, Courtney Foley

Photo by Nicole Kestenbaum

What's in the Bag?



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