Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The most loved/hated day of the year is coming! Yes, I am talking about Valentine's day! Valentine's Day can be a sad and annoying day for some, and a day of happiness and love for others.  Here at Live Life in Style, we hope that you'll have a happy Valentine's Day and remember that V-day isn't just for couples! You can choose to celebrate "Galentine's" day with your galpals, or express your love for family and friends.  No matter who you plan to spend Valentine's day with, choose to bring a smile to their face with a little gift for him or her.  Everyone likes a present, especially on V-day! Each gift should be perfectly thought out for that special person, whether it's your niece, best friend, mother or that special man or woman in your life. 

My best friend is a pillow lover. How amazing is this pillow? It would be perfect for her.

This necklace is exactly what I would buy for my mother. It is simple and it's something that can be worn on any occasion.

The perfect man in your life needs to know how to tell time. I like this watch because it's casual, while being a statement piece in rose gold which is one of my favorite colors for watches.

The perfect earrings to start training your lovely niece about fashion accessories!

What about your friends that like to bake? They need to have cute molds so they can bake you a cake! Haha!

This purse is perfect for the lovely girl in your life! It's simple, chic and PINK!

Written by Evelyn Casas

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