BIRTHDAY WEEKEND NIGHT ONE: Golden Nugget Casino Resort

Friday, February 27, 2015

As mentioned in my Birthday Look 1 Outfit post, I headed to Golden Nugget Lake Charles for my 31st birthday. I road-tripped there with Evelyn, Heather, and Nicole. We had such a fun time road-tripping, singing to songs, gossiping, and of course an obligatory stop at Bucee's! I decided to stay at a hotel ten minutes from the Golden Nugget due to the $500 pricetag at the GN hotel (so ridiculously overpriced), so we first stopped at our hotel to change into our evening outfits. Then we headed to Golden Nugget!

Bucee's selfie
The hotel had won this award and it looked like an Oscar, so I snapped a photo with it! "I'd like to thank all the people that have made this possible"
Big Mirror in bathroom obligatory selfie
Arrived at GN!

The first thing we did when we got out of the parking lot elevator was peruse the casino and everything it had to offer. Our first stop was a fashion boutique called Aqua! They sold everything in there from clothes to designer shades! We had some fun trying on the shades! 

Evelyn having a fun time shopping!


There's even a barbershop!

After exploring inside we headed outside to the pool and hot tub area. Once we got outside I thought we were at a resort in Vegas! This pool area will be the perfect place to have a party! We stopped for a couple cocktails and selfie shots by the pool! 

This lady's birthday was on Friday (the day before) and she was there to celebrate her bday weekend too! We had to take a photo together!

Around 7:30 we headed in to eat at the Casino buffet. Yes it's true that Golden Nugget has a ton of nice restaurants to choose from, but I always enjoy casino buffets, because you get a little bit of everything, and go up as many times as you want! It was  a little crowded, but I loved the buffet!

After dinner we gambled for an hour or so! 
After gambling we all met up at Blue Martini Lounge inside the casino! There was a pretty fun cover band, and the ambiance in the bar was fun!

One last stop before going back to the hotel! The Chocolate Box!

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