EVENT RECAP: Houston Press Artopia Fashion Shows

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I still can't get enough of Houston Press Artopia! Can someone please take me back to the fashion shows? I fell in love with everything; the designers definitely out did themselves. The hair and make up were creative and the crowd loved the shows. 

Mysterious by N.P.N

The first designer was Mysterious by N.P.N and I must say he was my favorite designer. Some of the dresses had a lace overlay while others were made with a tulle like material. The designs were amazing! I imagined these dresses coming down the red carpet at the Grammy's. 

How amazing are these? These pictures do no justice to the dresses. If you think the sparkles are sparkly here in the photos just wait until you see them in person! 


My favorite design of the whole night was this mini dress! It was gorgeous!!! It was extremely detailed; it was perfect. 

Honestly? Who do you see wearing this dress? JLo, right?
This dress was interesting! I like that the designer stepped away from the black and tried something neutral. The whole dress was made out of a tulle like fabric. Surpisingly, the dress did not look heavy and the model made it work.

And then the showstoppers came out! They were the perfect pop of color for this collection. The was perfect because it helped show the design of the dress. 
How cute are these dresses? The lace looks so cute and chic! The mini white dress even had details on the waist line. 

The designer behind Mysterious,  Nicholas Phat Nguyen

Leap of Style

Leap of Style was the second show during the Artopia fashion event. Everything in the collection was fun, creative and cultural. The models were dolled up with gold flash tattoos that coordinated perfectly with the prints on the clothes.  Everything was tribal and colorful; the models looked amazing with the tattoos. 

I fell in love with the styling of this outfit. Why? Well, there is print, bright colored shoes and a leather crop top. 

I fell in love with the yellow romper. This romper is different than typical rompers as the shorts have a ballooned silhouette to them. The designer also changed it up with the design on the right with wide-leg culottes and peplum waist and check out her cute sandals.

Check out the details of these prints! #NoSequinsNeeded
At the end of the show, the designer walked out in one of her designs with the night's M.C.

As far as presentation goes, the Marrittah runway takes the prize! All the models came out and lip singed to The Hanging Tree by James Newton Howard ft. Jennifer Lawrence (Pretty intense). The models did great. (I wonder how long they had to practice!). They all gathered in the middle to receive the haunting chorus of the song and then each one took off down the runway to model the designs. This was a great way to end the series of fashion shows at Artopia. The presentation was amazing, no one was expecting lip-singing models. The designs were chic and wearable for every girl. 
Maybe Rihanna should talk to the designer about this dress!

Written by Evelyn Casas

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