WHAT I WORE: 31st Birthday Look Two

Saturday, February 28, 2015

For day 2 of my birthday weekend, I decided to be a bit more casual. I knew I wouldn't have time to go back to the hotel room to change before the road-trip home, so I wanted something that was comfy, chic, and roomy for the drive back to Houston. When I ordered my birthdday dress from Asos, I went ahead and ordered this cut-out shoulder dress, too. I probably could have ordered it a size smaller, but that's the problem with having to buy most of your clothes online!  Without the ability to dry them on, knowing your size is a guessing game. I even try to use those size charts and it still never seems to be the right size...but oh well! Early that morning, I paired the dress with my black oxford flats, but later in the day, I swapped those out for my Forever 21 flats. Thank you to my friend and LLIS intern, Evelyn Casas for taking these photos! 

Dress: Asos Curve
Necklace: Target
Handbag: Hammitt LA
Flats: Forever 21

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  1. I love how this dress fits you! Is it jersey material? I might order one!

  2. Love the necklace!! Happy Birthday !!

  3. Love the necklace! it's such a cute statement piece on the black dress! You look great and Happy Belated Birthday! <3



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