WHAT I WORE: 31st Birthday Look One

Monday, February 23, 2015

This year for my 31st birthday I took a roadtrip to our neighbor state, Louisiana, but not just anywhere in Louisiana! I headed to Lake Charles, LA, the gambling hub of the state. Located only 2 hours from the "Gambling-Banned" state of Texas, Lake Charles acts a fun getaway for those who love to gamble, shop, enjoy great food and nice resorts! I do like to gamble, but not enough to do it on a consistent basis, but every now and then you may find me at a Craps table. One of the reasons I wanted to go to L'Auberge was to check out the newest casino, Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget just opened in December 2014, so it's brand spanking new! I'll post more on the casino and the trip itself in subsequent posts. Today's posts focuses on my birthday outfit! 

Thank you Nicole for this photo!
I drove to Louisiana with 3 of my gal pals, Heather, Evelyn, & Nikki so I of course didn't want to drive in my new dress, so needless to say when we arrive at our hotel in Sulpher LA (10 mins from LC), we all had to change. I had wanted to stay at the Golden Nugget, but they're rooms were so overpriced! Close to $500 for a Double Queen! I think becuase it was Saturday, and they also had the band Alabama playing. Anyway, I ordered my bday dress from Asos Curve. I have to say I didn't actually make this final dress decision myself...I polled my readers and facebook followers. Yes....I sometimes have a hard time making a decision on special occasion looks, because I find so many that I like, and I can't decide! So to help, I ask my readers. The majority of them voted on this dress for me, and I liked it too so it was a win-win. The dress fit like a glove and I loved it! I even wore it again a week later for my Blog Anniversary party. The dress gives the illusion of being a body-covering sheath dress until you get to the bottom. The fully covering material gives away to a long lace hem, taking the mini length of the dress to knee length, but in a sexy way! I knew when I ordered this dress that I'd pair it with my Valentino rockstuds. To top off the look, I added my favorite leather handbag from Hammitt, La!

Necklace: Macy's
Dress:  Little Mistress (Asos Curve)
Handbag: Hammitt LA
Pumps: Valentino

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