Saturday, January 10, 2015

Even though my trip home to Pittsburgh was short, it was great! I literally flew into Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve and flew back to Houston the Sunday after Christmas, but I'm thankful for any time I get to go home and see my family. I just wish they could come visit me more! On Christmas Day, we headed to my sister's house for Christmas Dinner.  Since it was Christmas, I decided to be extra festive and don my mom's Santa hat and my christmas light earrings that actually light up. My niece, Tati was fascinated with my earrings.  My Brother-in-Law, Ed cooked up a mean Ham...honestly I'm still thinking about it. His side of the family came over too, and that's when I discovered that his cousin, Eric (pictured above) is a Mechanical Engineer! So fun to meet fellow Engineers, even though there is that rivalry between ChemEs and MechEs (pictured below). 

ChemE vs MechE - Hahaha we had lots of fun at Christmas!
Santa Hat: Borrowed from my Mom
Christmas Light Earrings: Francesca's Collections
Amethyst Angel Necklace: Christmas Gift from my parents
Pearl Necklace: c/o ATRS Recycling
Skirt: Torrid
Boots: Alfani

Ed has some pretty cool stuff! He met my sister in a band that they were both performing in, and Ed plays the drums! He has his set in the basement, so went downstairs to check it out!

My niece playing with one of her new Christmas toys! This chick got so much stuff! LOL. First grandbaby! First niece!

One of the things I purchased for my parents for Christmas was Taboo. My parents love board games and hosting game nights, and that was one game they didn't have! They brought it over to my sissy's house and after dinner we all got together to play!

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