EVENT RECAP: Pop Shop Houston Winter Festival

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I love a great shopping event, and none really get much better than Pop Shop Houston's Winter Festival. The reason I love Pop Shop Houston so much, is because they are huge supporters of local brands and vendors. Sometimes we get so caught up with malls and big names, that we forget to visit our local, ma & pop owned shops in our own backyards. Or sometimes we don't even know they exist because they may not have the money and resources for over the top marketing campaigns, so it's great when one person can bring all of them together in one venue to introduce to the masses, and that's exactly what Brittany Bly and her team at Pop Shop Houston did!  I discovered so many local brands and visited ones I've known about for awhile. In addition to shopping, there were food trucks, live music, ugly sweater contests, DIYs, and more! 

My girl, Heather Petrey had a booth for her boutique, Lone Star Vintage.
I attended Pop Shop Houston two days in a row. On Saturday, they had a live band!

TXRX labs were on site helping people make leather keychains, and demonstrating 3D-Printing.

Two of my favorite mobile fashion trucks: Height of Vintage, and Urban Izzy!
I tried these pita pockets for the first time, and I loved it! I'm actually still thinking about them and anticipating the next time I stumble (or purposely stalk) upon this food truck!
The event was held at Summer Street Studios. It was a great venue for the event, and I liked the ambience of the studio with the hanging lights and against the dusk sky.
It looks so inviting!!! Who wouldn't want to shop inside here?
Had to stop by and say Hello to my friends at Sunchild. I just discovered Sunchild this year at the Refinery 29 + Simon Mall Shopping Block event at Houston Premium Outlets. I bought a cat ring from them!
I love bowties!, Now I need to get one for my cat!
I thought the name of some of the vendor booths were too cute!

I really liked these unique necklaces!
One of my favorite booths was Geekazoid! I left with a Wonder Woman headband, but I'll definitely be ordering more items from them because they have everything from Star Wars to Super hero items!

Pretty Dream Catchers!
How cute are these little T-Shirt totes.
I love that she sews these pictures! I definitely want to have one of these in my future house!
Say hello to Brittany Bly! The owner of Pop Shop Houston and the brains behind this festival!
Then it was time for the ugly sweater contest!

My friend Heather (far right) won 2nd place!

I bought a pair of black glasses earrings from Fartsy Arts!
When's the last time I saw these old school ice cream signs! I loved it!

This new food truck that showed up on day two, came with an old school video game console!
Apparently there's a Pop Shop Houston SUMMER festival edition and best believe I'll be there for that too!


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