Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Houston Press Artopia is an annual event that occurs every January and features artists, food and fashion. Of course, like every big event, there was a preview party. The preview party gave us a taste of what we can expect at Artopia on January 24th.

I'm a self-titled Houston “know it all” (haha)! I love exploring my own city which means I'm always trying new places to eat. However, the preview party was at a location I had never heard of; 1919 Wine and Mixology (2736 Virginia St).  The venue was actually 4 venues in one. Connected to the same patio was Wine &* Mixology, The Lexington, The Oak Room, and Corner Table. Inside Wine & Mixology, there were 3 separate rooms and each had a bar. The sitting areas put me in a very old & classic glamorous type of mood.

I was sitting with friends in one of the W&M rooms, when I looked over and saw a Magician. The Magician, Michael Carducci, was walking around tables performing tricks. I immediately got up and snapped pictures! He performed multiple card tricks that amazed the crowd which gathered around him. 

After checking out the Magician, I went to the next bar and they were featuring live art. Andres Chapa and Micah Simmons were each taking turns painting a portrait. I stared in amazement, how do you just draw something that big in a couple of hours?

When the live art and magician were done guests were able to enjoy live music and drink specials. The drinks were crafter by 2013 Best of Houston- Best Bartender, Andres Chapa. I of course had to enjoy a drink or two. 

Circulo Tequila was also in the house, giving away goodies to the guests and a chance to win a bottle of Circulo and fancy shot glasses!

The outside was beautiful! Guests were greeted with lights and disco balls hanging from the trees!

Isn't this so cute?
Do you see the huge "selfie"mirror? I ran as soon as I saw it! 

Written by Evelyn Casas

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