GIVEAWAY: A Copy of The Modern Girls' Guide to the Gridiron

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I used to really be into football! I knew anything and everything about the Pittsburgh Steelers (my hometown team) and loved to dress up on gamedays! However, I found myself asking my Dad about key football plays and penalties all the time. Eventually I learned a lot about the game, but every now and them some of the "off the wall calls" or plays would occurs and I found myself raising my eyebrows, not understanding what was happening! Ha! Wouldn't it be great to understand America's favorite pastime without having to ask the man in your life? Enter Vanessa-Franchesca "VF" Castro and her book, "The Modern Girls' Guide to the Gridiron". The book is a comprehensive guide to the game written from a woman's perspective. VF was a makeup artist turned sports journalist. Vanessa and her team are offering one of my readers a free copy of her book, just in time for Super Bowl 49! 

Forget the chocolate-covered strawberry footballs – the best thing you can bring to a Super Bowl party is your arsenal of football knowledge. And since women represent over 45 percent of the NFL’s viewing audience, Vanessa’s goal is to make it easier for women and girls to understand and relate to the sport they love. This book is great for:
  • Decoding Sports Talk: Includes a glossary of football terms every fan should know
  • Any football fan wanting to learn about the world’s “manliest” sport and its histories, traditions and scandals through the eyes of a female reporter
  • Connecting with a sports-minded partner: Learning more about the sport that your significant other loves (TMGGTTG has been called “the best marriage book ever”)
  • The perfect guide for mothers trying to learn more about the sport as they support their sons and fathers trying to relate their love of the sport to their daughters
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  1. Awesome giveway. I never been much into football but I'm sure my future husband I know not of would be into football and it may be important for me to know something about it. My brother was a football player and I was in the band. I cheered when a touch down was made by my bro and that's about it. I paid more attention to the band. lol


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