PRODUCT REVIEW: DermaSilk Beauty Products

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I must say, I love to try new beauty products! I love experimenting with different things and beauty is no exception. I was lucky enough to try two products from DermaSilk. I was impressed, and I looked seventeen again! OK. Maybe not seventeen, how about 18?

First, I tried Flawless, Dermasilk's product that optically erases the appearance of wrinkles in seconds. A big claim right? Did it work? I must say, yes it did! I didn't use Flawless while I wore makeup, I mainly used the product on the days I didn't wear makeup. However, I did mix it with my moisturizer because unfortunately, I  do have dry skin (especially during the winter, shhh).  This gave me a “smooth” finish. Even though I liked the Flawless product, I didn't like the after feeling on my hands. I noticed that after I applied the product with my hands, my hands felt a little sticky. This is my only complaint about this product, everything else was great!

Onto the second product, the 90 Second Eye Lift. I fell in love with it! I applied its every morning and every day before I went to sleep. Basically, I added it to my daily routine! I have tried other eye creams, and most of them feel thick and smell funny, but this one was the exception. I am very hesitant to put anything under my eyes because I know this area is very sensitive. This product wasn't thick or smelly and it went on like butter! I think I found the right eye cream for me! I have zero complaints about the 90 Second Eye Lift, it literally works great. 

If you are interested in trying out DermaSilk products you can find them online or, Walmart, and Rite-Aid Stores Nationwide.


Written By: Evelyn Casas

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