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Saturday, December 06, 2014

What woman hasn't had a fashion emergency? Whether it's a button popping off, zipper breaking, or a run in your panty-hose, odds are you've had at least one unfavorable incident in your life.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone came up with quick fixes for everything that can and will go wrong with your clothes and body on a day to day basis? Well, someone did and her name is Kim Costellano! Kim started Fashion First Aid about 15 years ago when she decided to stop practicing law and start selling Garment Guards. Garment guards attach to your clothing to protect them from sweat and deodorant stains, saving on dry-cleaning. After Nordstrom picked up Garment Guards, she decided to make more products for those emergencies that can go wrong, and made a version of Garment Guard for panties, and the rest was history! I learned all this by meeting Kim during MAGIC Market week. I was invited to a blogger meet & greet with the brand while I was in Vegas for MAGIC.

Kim was smart and hosted her meet and greet outside of the MAGIC Market Week craziness of Las Vegas & Mandalay Bay Convention Centers.  Kim booked a suite at The Venetian and gave us a time to arrive! When I showed up the room was too cute with an incredible view of Vegas, a Fashion First Aid Step & Repeat, numerous product displays and champagne on the ready.  Another blogger, Amber, from Amused blog was there, and we hit it off! She's based in San Francisco, but be sure to check out her blog! Anyway, once we were all situated, Kim started going through all the product offerings! It was a great TMI/Real Girl Talk type of event! Hey, if you can't discuss these problems with your girlfriends, who can you discuss them with? I swear Kim thought of every problem possible, and came up with a solution! Thank you Kim! At the end of the presentation, Kim gifted us with  a Fashion First Aid starter kit. Of course I also purchased a few more items for myself:  The Attache, the Boot Stay, and the Nipplomats!  

The suite also had an amazing view of downtown!

Kim displaying where the garment guards go.

Pocksie - Temporary Adhesive Pockets

These are clearly gag gifts, and they had us cracking up!



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