Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's not everyday I find myself having lunch with popular fashion designers, such as Rebecca Minkoff, but a few Fridays ago, I was doing just that at Neiman Marcus, Houston Galleria Mall. The luncheon was really nice. There were 4 tables set up with space for ~8 people with one seat reserved at each table. The reserved seat was for Rebecca to rotate from table to table and mingle with the guests.  When she arrived she introduced herself and explained that throughout the luncheon we would see garments from her Spring 2015 collection. She even gifted all of us with a Rebecca Minkoff tote bag. Rebecca started off at the table behind us, and while we waited for her to come to our table we took in all of the looks! After awhile Rebecca came and sat at our table, and lo and behold, she sat right next to me! Later that day, I posted on Facebook, that for me, meeting fashion designers is equal to fans meeting their favorite rockstars! I was super excited to sit next to Rebecca and ask her tons of questions! Check out all of the looks from the luncheon and return later this week for my Q&A with Rebecca!

This was actually my favorite look! I'm obsessed with shirt dresses!

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  1. What a great event Shasie, and adoring all of these looks. Specially the sleeveless oversized shirt dress. That is a must have for this 2015 for me ;)

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