PRODUCT REVIEW: BlingGuard's BlingDots

Monday, November 17, 2014

I love accessories! I have always thought the way you accessorize your look can make or break your outfit. I love to wear earrings, the kind that give that extra BANG to your outfit. However, I have the worst experience with my earrings sagging or falling out because they are way too heavy. I was lucky enough to find the solution to my problem; BlingGuards.  BlingGuard was created by Houston entrepreneur Jenny Moore. She originally created BlingWraps to help her engagement ring fit better on her finger. Next she conquered the problem I mentioned above; sagging, with BlingDots. BlingDots are amazing and they allow me to wear my favorite earrings without having them pull my ear lobe down or fall out.

Pictured above, are one of my favorite earrings and even though they are small they tend to sag. I also have a problem with my earrings feeling loose.  Since the earrings sag, I do not wear them too often because I am afraid of them falling out and loosing them. 

With the BlingDots the earrings stay put and feel tighter. I am able to wear all of my heavier earrings without worrying that I will loose them (worst feeling ever, especially on expensive earrings!). 

And the best part? They are so easy to put on and take off. It’s literally a thick sticker that goes behind your ear. All you have to do is stick it on, put the earring through the sticker and VOILA your earrings are comfortably tight! Sag Begone!

I can assure you there is no rocket science to taking them off! All you have to do is take the sticker off and you are done, and it doesn't hurt! 

I am a girl who loves her “staple” earrings and with BlingGuard's BlingDots, wearing them is now tolerable! I even have a special place for my BlingDots in my jewelry box! 

Written by Evelyn Casas

*DISCLOSURE: BlingGuard Blingdots provided for product review. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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