Friday, November 07, 2014

The PR Team for Tourneau invited me out to the Tourneau Houston Galleria Mall Watch Event last month.  All of their top brands sent in brand representatives to chat with the customers and give background knowledge on the brands. I've recently become obsessed with watches...all kinds, antique to modern, men's to women's, so I definitely wanted to stop by Tourneau and check out the event! 

The MB&F watches were my favorite out of everything in the store!! MB & F stands for Maximilian Busser & Friends. Can I be a friend!? The owner, Maximilian Busser was actually there at Tourneau and told me he designs the watches based on space shuttles. 
I like that there's different ways to view the time on his watches.
He said the underside of the watches represent the reactor cores in space shuttles.
Isn't it cool looking? I just love unique pieces of jewelry! The watch actually reminds me of a spaceship out of Star Wars! 
I couldn't resist anymore and had to try one on. This watch was $93,000.
After playing with the MB&F watches, I walked around the store to check out the other brands represented.  I loved the faces on the H. Moser and Cie watches, especially the color faces! 

From big to small! I tried on this dainty Cartier watch!
All the brand reps were touching the watches with gloves! It made me afraid to touch them! LOL. Too expensive for me!

Tourneau sells more than just watches!
Breitling watches.

Jaeger LeCoultre watches.
I liked this watch brand that specializes in faces that flip over. These watches were originally designed for Polo players who wanted a way to protect the diamond faces while playing polo.  They flipped over to a flat side! Now the design is used readily for this brand, and for luxury. 
Patek Phillipe watches
Patek Phillippe is the number one watch brand in the world. 

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