BEHIND THE SCENES: That Time I Modeled for Macy's

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Not once, but twice this year I found myself playing the role of plus-size model! The first time was my modeling gig for Keesha's runway show here, and second was for Macy's! Back in September, Macy's called me and asked me to be a model for their "Get Ahead of the Curve" event in Houston to be hosted by Plus-Size Supermodel Emme! Emme is the world's first iconic plus-size supermodel, and a true inspiration to women everywhere! I of course said yes! I mean, it's not every day Macy's calls you to model for them and for a cause that I so greatly believe in; Fashion for All! The show was scheduled for Saturday, October 25th, at Macy's Memorial City Mall. The day before the show, I went in for model fittings! It worked out because the 24th was my scheduled Friday off, so I had more than enough time to play model! 

My fitting was from from 11:30 am to 1 pm. At the fitting I met my stylist, Michelle, Macy's Rep Gina, and 4 of the other models that would be doing the show with me.  It was then that I realized I was the ONLY non-professional model!!! I was really nervous! I thought there would be other bloggers, or even other regular curvy women in the show, but nope! These gals were professional models, signed with Wilhemina, Neal Hamil & Page Parkes! Even though I was a little intimidated to be in the show, the girls were super nice and took me in as one of their own! They made it easy for me not to be nervous! When I arrived, Michelle and her team already had a look for me to try on! I felt like a professional model when I saw my picture on the wall with the other gals!

Check me out!
The model fittings were basically a fashionista's dream! There were shoes, handbags, clothes and accessories everywhere! I honestly wanted everything! It was cool to be styled for a change, instead of coming up with my own looks. I really liked the looks that Michelle styled for me! I felt confident and sexy! I find as a plus-size gal that it's hard to feel confident and sexy in clothes, especially because clothes seem to have such an ill-fit when you're curvy! I really need to work on having my clothes tailored!


On the day of the show, we had to be at Macy's by 10:30 am. The show wasn't until 2pm, but we had to allocate enough time for final fittings, hair and makeup. For hair, Macy's brought in stylists from Regis Hair Salon. Since I was just wearing a wig, my hair wouldn't take that long so I was scheduled last for hair. While the other girls got their hair did, I headed over to makeup! 

Stylist Michelle and Model Kate cracking a joke.
Macy's picked the Makeup Artists at Dior to do our makeup! I was pretty excited about this! I've never worn Dior makeup before!
GeGe getting her makeup done at the Dior station.

Model Frances' turn in the chair.
Kate's turn!
And patiently waiting for their turn was Shelby & Genet! 
After snapping a few pics of the other girls getting their makeup done, I headed back for my turn with hair.  My stylist spruced up my wig and made it shine!
I'm not gonna lie....after my makeup and hair were done, I was completely feelin' myself! #LookingFabDontCare #CantTellMeNothin.
Dior was the featured makeup brand for the event and the MUAs conducted touchups before and after the show.  The lead Dior makeup artist, Shelley Bruno is the one who did my makeup! Thanks Shelley for my fabulous beat face!
Before getting changed into my first look, I had the opportunity to interview Emme herself! Wow...she's simply fantastic in person! I'll be sharing the interview this week, so come back!
Macy's really takes care of their guests! All this food!
After my interview I headed back upstairs to the backstage area where the models and I all changed into our first looks!
I was super nervous when I found out that I was the only NON-PROFESSIONAL MODEL! All of these gorgeous ladies are professionals and signed to modeling agencies! What was little 'ol me doing there? They were super sweet and took me in as one of their own! I really had a great time doing this event with these ladies and I'll be sure to follow their curvaceous careers!
Frances, Kate, Shelby, Genet, & GiGi
Group photo with me this time!
Run of Show
I had to zoom in on my name on the list for run of show! Who knows if that will ever happen again!
Come back for my interview with Emme and scenes from the runway!

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  1. How cool, Shas! A real life model! Can I have your autograph? ;)


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