EVENT RECAP: Market Street Holiday Blogger Preview

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I'm in love with Market Street in the Woodlands! I wish I lived closer because I would spend all my time there! My first experience at Market Street was during the Go Houston Travel Bloggers "Girls Night Out" event. This time around, I was invited by the PR for Market Street to come up and shop/preview Holiday gift items from 3 of my favorite stores: Trina Turk, Elaine Turner & Kendra Scott. Who can pass up an opportunity to like that, even if it's an hour away! I arrived at Market Street around 9:15 am a few Saturdays ago, but I didn't mind! The event was fun and definitely worth the drive and early wake up call. 

Our first stop on the Market Street store was Trina Turk. When I entered Trina Turk I recognized almost all the bloggers that were present right away! We tend to go to so many of the same events, that you begin to recognize each other! I mingled and browsed the store with a few muffins and a mimosa (or two), while taking pictures of some of my favorite items! This was my second time in the new Trina Turk Store as I visited during the GNO trip! I love that Trina Turk stays true to bright and bold colors no matter the season. It's her signature style. It's impossible to stay in a grumpy mood upon walking into a Trina Turk store.  The manager told me that they receive a new shipment of items at the beginning of every month! I'll have to mark that on my calendar! Ha! Trina Turk definitely has great merchandise, including fabulous gift ideas! And just in case you need help styling your holiday look, there are style guide pamphlets around the store to help you, and the associates and store manager are super friendly and will also help you find your perfect look! 

Trina Turk is really into getting into the athletic industry. She's a fan of Lululemon, but wants to put her own spin on things with her signature bold colors and prints. 
Golf anyone?
I loved the fitting room area!

I love Elaine Turner!! I really need to save up to buy some things from her! Every time I enter an Elaine Turner store, I want to buy it out! In my eyes, Elaine Turner is one of the top Accessories designers in the world. I love her style, and her pieces work for any woman any age. The store manager at Elaine Turner - Market Street talked to us about the Fall Collections, and gave us some great ideas for gifts! 

Elaine Turner's signature style features bamboo, and I love the gold bamboo embellishment on the back of this riding boot!

If you follow my blog regularly or my instagram, you already know that I have a Kendra Scott Jewelry obsession. Like every girl, I love jewelry, but there's just something about Kendra Scott that when I see her pieces my heart races...literally. It's the one jewelry store that every time I go in, I leave with something...honestly I just can't help myself, and this Market Street visit was no different. I left with a pair of earrings at 15% off! Ha! The store manager and the associates walked us through Kendra Scott's Starstruck collection. My favorite gem from that collection is the crackled one! It's so pretty, and of course that's the type of earring I purchased! 

After browsing the three stores, the Chef at Hyatt Market Street invited out group to come to their dining area to sample some yummy food! This was definitely a surprise ending to our holiday preview event! Shopping AND food!? Doesn't get much better than that...but it did. At our food sampling, we decided to delve into our Kendra Scott Goodie bags and lo and behold, Kendra and the store had gifted all of us with her Rayne necklace! Eeek! I was definitely ecstatic and put it on right away! Stay tuned for my picks from all of these stores later this week! 

Group blogger photo!


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