DISCOVER: Playing Dress-up at American Textile Recycling Services!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I've known about American Textile Recycling Services (ATRS) for awhile now, but I've never visited their facility. Well, last month, that all changed, when ATRS invited a group of HFB (Houston Fashion Bloggers) members to come visit and play dress-up! Who would pass that up? So, I headed to ATRS with HFB Intern, Jasmine Berry and we met up with bloggers, Tammy Smith, Madeline Pena, LeRenda Howard, & Taylor Brione for a night of styling! ATRS pulled out all the stops for us with a welcome sign, food, drinks, and goodie bags! They even surprised us by letting us keep one of the looks we styled! The full look, including any and all accessories that we paired with it! Check out my styled looks below and try to guess which look I came home with!

ATRS provides public recycling solutions for unwanted clothing, shoes, toys, and household items.**
We were greeted by the Chief Marketing Officer for ATRS, Debra Stevenson-Peganyee.  Debbie gave us a rundown of the facility and what was in store for us!
After grabbing a glass of champagne and some snacks, we headed to their back training room, where upon I entered and my jaw dropped. 
The team at ATRS had pulled shoes, belts, handbags, jewelry and laid them out in rows for us to style with. On the stage there were 4 racks of clothes sorted by streetstyle trends seen at NYFW.

DID YOU KNOW? ATRS Creates 100s of jobs in local neighborhoods and 1000s of jobs in emerging nations. **

Of COURSE I went crazy! Unfortunately I couldn't get to ATRS on time, so I only had 30 minutes to style 2-3 looks to take pictures on the green carpet! Jasmine (pictured below) and I wasted no time going through the racks and picking out things we liked to try on! I managed to put together 2 cute looks! After we had our looks on, we got to walk the "green" carpet inside the ATRS warehouse! It was complete with a step and repeat full of information on ATRS, recycling and upcycling! It was fun to "werk" the green carpet with my fellow bloggers. 


The first look I put together was a mixed print number! I actually really liked this look, shoes included! I had fun walking the green carpet in it and striking a pose!

For my second look, I put together, this really rather too short for me all blue, monochromatic, ensemble! Believe it or not, this top IS actually a dress! I guess I'm just too tall for it? LOL. Don't judge me! I only had 30 minutes!

Group Photo: Jasmine, Madeline, LeRenda, Taylor, and Me!
Debbie, Krystal, & Sarah! Our ATRS hosts for the evening!
DID YOU KNOW? Donations receive have raised approximately $4MM for worthy charities and non-profit organizations in local communities?**

Meet Mr. ATRS! He's completely made out of recycled materials! I think I found my man! lol!

Back to the room, and Jazzy is all smiles!

So which look did I leave with? Even though it was  a little short, I left with the blue look! I loved the layered sweater with the pearls and the fact that it was all blue. I will definitely wear the look again....but with leggings! :-p


**Information taken from ATRS Pamphlet

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  1. Ooohh! This looks like so much fun! I bet you had a blast! Loved your style choices!


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