Elizabeth Anthony's Escada Fashion Show

Friday, October 17, 2014

As part of the Elizabeth Anthony's re-launch celebration, the owners hosted a fashion show for the guests of the party.  The Fashion show was held in the posh white tent set-up outside the boutique and featured looks by Escada! Mara and I  went into the tent early to pick good seats to take the best photos! Not only was the tent white, but everything inside was white too! White runway, white carpet, white backdrop, and acrylic chairs. I was so nervous by all the white that I took my glass of red wine back into the store, because I have a habit of spilling things! lol! The show was fab and featured some familiar Houston models that I see at a lot of events! The production of the show featured unique background colors from purple, to orange, and blue. Before the show, the owner of Elizabeth Anthony, Julia Roberts, addressed the crowd! She thanked them for their loyalty and explained the expansion and renaming of Elizabeth Anthony | Esther Wolf to Elizabeth Anthony. Check out the Escada looks from the show below:

Run of Show!



Houston Fashion Bloggers Paola Rosales, Alice Kerley & Tamara strike a pose after the show!

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