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Monday, October 13, 2014

It's been a long time, since I've taken an actual vacation. And by 'actual', I mean going on a cruise, laying on the beaches of Grand Cayman, or ATV-ing through Mexico...not flying home to visit family or attend a fashion/blogging event. While I do enjoy both of the latter options, I miss my cruises and soaking up the sun! But my chance came to take a mini vacation when I booked my trip for Magic Market Week! Since I work 9-80s at my job, I realized I'd be able to arrive in Vegas a few days earlier (technically, flying to Vegas for MAGIC Market Week was still using my vacation time to attend a fashion industry event, but whatever)! I wanted to take advantage of this and booked my flight to arrive a full 2 days before MAGIC opened. MAGIC started on August 17th, and Heather and I arrived on Friday, the 15th at 7 am!

Yep! You read that right! We arrived in Vegas super early! I wanted to maximize my day! As soon as we departed the plane (praising GOD for a safe flight, we both hate flying), we grabbed our luggage and headed to the hotel.  We stayed at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, formerly Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. I'm pretty sure the Westgate is not a hotel that comes to mind when one looks to book a Vegas trip but it was definitely cheap and convenient for us! The Westgate is connected to the Las Vegas Convention Center where half of MAGIC Market Week is held. The other half is held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  I stayed at this hotel last September for MAGIC with Marcella and it worked out fine! However, the hotel made a few "money-grubbing" changes that I was not pleased with:

1. Having to pay $20 to use the gym - I've never  stayed at a hotel where I had to pay an extra fee  just to use the fitness facilities. I'm surprised they didn't charge us to go to the pool!

2. Paying for internet. I'm not opposed to paying for internet if I have too...I pay in airports, and on planes however this fee was outrageous. It was $14.99 per 24 hours, per device! NOPE! Heather and I managed to survive on our cell phone hotspots.  I'm not paying that much for internet...anywhere! It's 2014.

The hotel wouldn't let us check into our room until 9am, so we checked our bags and headed to the hotel's coffee shop for some breakfast! After we were let into our rooms, I made a bee-line for the pool! Yea....I love pools! It's not the beach, but it'll do in a pinch! Even though I had just stuffed my face at the coffee shop, I wanted more food. I purchased a grilled chicken sandwich and potato salad from the grille at the pool, and yea.....the potato salad is to die for!  


I really loved the contrast of the green palm trees against the blue windows of the hotel.
When in Vegas...Get Hitched! The Westgate had a very nice area available for planned (or impromptu) weddings! 
On Saturday, we headed down the Vegas Strip to shop at Fashion Show Mall! I stopped to take some pictures along the way. 


New York, NY Hotel

How fab are these pumps spotted at TopShop?

Love these shirts spotted at Zara

On the way back, I snapped some more pictures! If you haven't noticed by now, I'm KIND of obsessed with the Wynn and Encore! They are two amazing looking hotels!
Of course I ended Day 2 back at the pool!  

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