EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jamie Melchor - Contestant on Oxygen's "Nail'd It" Competition Series

Monday, October 06, 2014

I'm a firm believer that showcasing one's personal style goes way beyond their clothes.  Personal style also includes beauty & hair! Let's face it, every day you have accessories that will never leave you, you're hair and your nails.  Have you ever seen someone who looked super fly and then zoomed in on their chipped fingernails? It may sound superficial, but those things can make or break a look! I'm not a big go-to the salon get a mani/pedi person, but when I find the time I do like to polish my own nails or add some fun nail stickers! I do follow more than a few nail artist accounts on instagram, because I love to see the creativity they have in nails! They always keep their hands and those of their clients fresh and exciting! So when Oxygen emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in interviewing some of the contestants and judges of their new nail art competition show, Nail'd It, I had to oblige! Nail'd It's first episode, airs this week on October 7th at 9PM ET/PT! Here's a little snipped of what's in store for the series and episode 1! Be sure to check it out!

Oxygen Media ‘MANIpulates’ the hottest fashion trend of nail art into a creative and innovative competition series, “Nail’d It,” premiering Tuesday, October 7 at 9pm ET/PT. Hosted by Adrienne Bailon (“The Real”), “Nail’d It” pits 18 of the best up-and-coming nail artists against one another as they claw their way to the top to claim a life-changing grand prize of $100,000. In the premiere episode, the first three nail artists of the season, Latoya Parker, Jamie Melchor and Classic Mully will face off in a “Quick Dry Challenge” where they must create wearable nail art for top lifestyle and entertainment reporters. Then, nothing is off limits in the “Elimination Challenge,” as the nail artists battle it out with elaborate designs and intricate builds when they are challenged to upgrade each other’s best 3D work.

My first interview was with episode 1 contestant Jamie Melchor. Jamie is based in Fresno, California and lets her creativity loose at her nail salon, NailVille. Jamie is no stranger to nail art competitions, but this was her first time stepping into the arena of a televised competition! 

Let's kick this interview off right, and start with where my readers and fans of you on the show can follow you on Social Media? 
I'm on instagram at @nailsbyjme and I'm on Twitter at @nailsbyjamie.

Great! I'll be sure to follow you, because I'm sure you post tons of amazing nail art! 
Oh yes! I have fun! I post them daily to keep my followers updated! 

When did you know you wanted to be a "nail-tician"? Is that the correct term? Ha, what is the official career title for you?
In our industry, everyone can call themselves a nail technician, a nail artist, a manicurist, nail specialist, but I tend to call myself a nail artist because I specialize in nail art and that's what I love to do for my clients.   I like to put a little twist on it and give them some crazy, fun nail art.  My start in the industry was of course because of my Mom. She was a beautician and I kind of followed a bit in my Mom's footsteps. Hanging around the salon with her, I decided to get into nails. At the age of 15, I got started in the nail industry and decided to go to beauty school.

Not to trick you into telling us your age, but just how long have you been doing nails? 
Fully into it, I've been doing nails since I was 16 years old. I didn't really get into the nail art stuff until I got a little bit older, around 18, 19 years old. I've definitely been doing nails for a really long time. I tell people that I've been doing nails for ten plus years, and I really enjoy doing what I do for a living.

That's amazing! It sounds really fun!  You get to be creative and enjoy what you're doing at the same time! 
Yea! That's why I enjoy it! 

How did you hear about Nail'd It and come to be on the show?
It was a really fun process. It was the first time I'd ever done something like that in my life. Of course, being in the nail industry, I've competed in nail competitions at Nail Pro Sacramento, IBS Longbeach, and I've done a lot of the Nail Pro Cup competitions. Through the Nail Pro Cup competitions, I met a lot of people and I networked with a lot of people. I was able to meet a lot of people in my industry by going to trade shows. And I have met tons and tons and tons of talented people in my industry that have helped me get to where I'm at today.  One person in particular that I would have to say thanks too is Lysa Comfort from Nail Olympics. I did Nail Olympics a few years back and I placed third and that was the first time I met met Lysa. I feel like she's been watching me ever since! But, I just went to LA and interviewed and the next thing I know is I received an email saying, " You've been cast to be on Oxygen's TV Show Nail'd It".

Congratulations, on both things; for winning your first time competing at the Nail Olympics and then for being cast on this new and exciting Oxygen show! As a fashion blogger I feel that all of these components go together; hair, beauty, nails, makeup, clothes. We have to look fresh from head to toe! This will be an exciting show to watch and different from other design competitions because this really focuses on the beauty industry, which is really cool! What was it like filming the show? 
I had a fun experience being on Nail'd It. It's really nerve-wracking knowing that you're being filmed and  you're competing for $100,000. I got really nervous, but I tried my best. I gave it my all and I really thought I created an awesome, AWESOME set of nails. I was really proud of myself!

I think being nervous is a natural reaction and happens to everyone! It's so different doing what you do for a living, as a living, versus doing it on TV in an intense competition setting! I don't think people realize just how much added pressure is added by doing that! I can't even imagine! How do the episodes work? I'm of course familiar with design competitions like Project Runway, where every episode there's a new design challenge, is that how it's set-up for Nail'd It?
This was a different type of competition than what I was used at a Nail Pro Cup Competition. It was more hands on. We were given a challenge right then and there and had no prior knowledge of what we'd be doing. It's nerve-wracking because you kind of think, "I know what I got myself into" but then at the same time you're like, "Maybe this isn't what I thought it was going to be like...being filmed and being on TV and doing these challenges."

The challenges are really cool and there are different types of challenges. It gives the viewers a different look into nails. There's different styles, there's different types, there's different names for the types of products we use to create the nails. It will be really interesting for people to watch on TV and see what we create with the things we are giving like nail polish, gel or acrylic.

In the episode 1 Quick Dry Challenge, we had fashion bloggers that came in with statement pieces. With the statement piece as inspiration, we had to design some type of hand-painted nail art, and it had to be within the realm of something that we do every day with nail art. I tried to come up with something really cool based on my statement piece and I tried to think outside the box, but it was really hard. Being put on the spot to think outside the box...I'm not used to that. I need to be given a few days to think outside the box and then I go for it. 

I feel you on that one! On the spot must be challenging!  Was it one blogger that brought in a statement piece for everyone to be inspired by, or there a different blogger for each nail artist? 
We each had a different blogger. The blogger assigned to me was Grasie of Style Me Grasie, and the other girls had different bloggers! 

That's really fun! Wish I would have known about that! I would have applied to be one of the bloggers! I know the series hasn't aired yet and you can't disclose the results, but what's next for  Jamie? Will we be seeing you at more nail competitions?
Yes! I just got started in the 2015 Nail Pro Cup competitions and I just brought home first place from Sacramento two weekends ago. I'm really, really excited about that! It definitely proves that I'm shouldn't give up and I'm going to keep going with my nail art! 

It was great speaking with you Jamie! Where can my readers and other potential clients find you if they want you to do their nails? Right now, I'm in Fresno, California, in the heart of the central valley. I do nails at my own little nail studio called NailVille!


*PHOTO CREDIT: Oxygen Media - Lindsey Byrnes
*Show Information provided by Oxygen

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