THE LOW DOWN: What's it really like inside Lincoln Center for Fashion Week

Saturday, October 04, 2014

I do not take attending New York Fashion Week for granted.  It always seemed like an unattainable goal for me, because my career and what I went to school for is unrelated to fashion. Alas, I would be relegated to spending the rest of my life viewing NYFW from the pages of Vogue and other print magazines.  Never did I think I'd be entering the same shows as Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Bill Cunningham, Linda Fargo, and other heavy hitters of the fashion industry, and then blogging came along. Because of my blog, I've had so many amazing opportunities! I feel  these opportunities wouldn't have been open to me as a Chemical Engineer. My blog allowed me to join the team at and with my other colleagues at Fashion Mingle, I attended my second New York Fashion Week, last month! Unfortunately, I cannot attend both fashion weeks as I do not have enough vacation time from my real job, but if I had to pick, I'd pick the September shows every time because I hate Winter weather! lol!  

Outside of the obvious reason for blogging (my extreme love/obsession/passion for fashion), I also love to blog as an outlet, and a way to share my experiences with the world.  I like to feel that my blog and social media channels allow my readers to experience what I'm experiencing and feel like they are there! So I've decided to compile all of my random pictures from roaming around Lincoln Center and share them with all of you! 

First of all, if you are even have a smidgen of the passion I have for passion your first time arriving at Lincoln Center may make you want to cry. I know I wanted to cry last September! I just really couldn't believe I was there. There and actually going inside and not lolly-gagging outside hoping to have my photo taken.  It's a little bit of a mad house outside Lincoln Center with photographers and fashionista/os everywhere but it just adds to the energy! 

After I attended MBFW for the first time last September, IMG decided to make some fairly significant changes to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! So, even though I attended last September, I wasn't sure it would be the same set-up, etc, and of course it wasn't. They really streamlined the process for entry with all the invite scanners inside the outer hallway before entering the lobby area.

The very first thing that greets you is the media lounge. I don't know if it was "officially" the media lounge, but basically the media took it over. Last year, Samsung hosted a dedicated press/media lounge where only members of the press could enter. I kind of liked that set-up better. It also had more space and a dedicated beverage station. 
Every year, IMG aligns MBFW with sponsors that have stations inside the lobby. Papyrus was a sponsor last year and this year.  In the Papyrus station you were able to send a card to someone and Papyrus paid for the postage and mailed it off to our recipient.  So, I'll admit I was a bit selfish with my card...I kept it! But it was so cute! It was a shoe bootie card, and I wanted to hang it on my wall! So before you ask me who I sent a card you know! Ha! 

Pandora was another sponsor and had a fun photo booth and were giving out jewelry tattoos. These tattoos blew up in popularity overnight! One day I saw a blogger friend of mine with one on, then next thing I know SJP was wearing one, and then they were everywhere! I got a little obsessed with them myself during NYFW and had two of them done, one on each arm. The Pandora reps told me they would last 4-6 days. Those bad boys lasted longer than that! My Isis, Egyptian GOD tattoo, not terrorist group (smh), lasted capital F, Forever! It was fly and I received compliments on it, everywhere I went! 

I liked the flash tats the rep had on, and snapped a picture of them, while she was applying one to a guest! They look just like bracelets!

TRESemme was on the scene doing complimentary hair styles for the guests of the shows. I wanted to sign up to have someone braid my hair, but I never did find the time. However, I kept stopping by their booth to pick up the champagne gummi bears they were giving out for free!

There's a little courtyard area between the tent hallways and Lincoln Center. It's here that I discovered the brand Lifeway. They make frozen kefir! It tastes just like yogurt, but apparently better for you! They were giving out samples and I tried the coconut flavor with chocolate chip toppings. It was yummy! They also gave us coupons for free products at any store that sold their items. 

Samsung had the best booth! It was two levels. On level one you could explore all of their innovative technology before it was available in stores! They had headphones, new phones, swarovski phone cases, the phone watch, and more! I spent a fair amount of time at the booth playing with the gadgets and snapping selfies! 

My Turn! I make this phone watch look good!
Look out Apple! I may have to switch to the phone tablet from Samsung! I liked the curved edge of the phone and the fact that it was functional and provided scrolling information!
Samsung Model rep was cute too! Another reason I bided my time! lol
Upstairs you were able to experience the 3D world of Samsung! They put the edge phone inside a virtual reality glasses and you could turn around and see images behind you! It was so trippy! I traveled to Italy and was on a Gondola ride and when I turned my head around there were people sitting behind me. I flew over a horse stampede and looked behind me and there were more horses coming up behind me. I flew over glaciers, saw elephants, sat next to lions. It was a really cool experiences!

There's a cafe inside LC where you can purchase food all day along with cocktails. For free they had vending booths stocked with water, frappucinos and diet coke!
This is the entry way to the MBFW VIP Lounge for celebrities and approved press. One day I'll be in there!
E online was of course there to do their NYFW edition of E's Fashion Police. Kimora Lee Simmons hosted the show for day 1 and they featured guests Lubov and Max Azria. Of course they seemed to slow down a little bit throughout the week with the condition of Joan Rivers deteriorating, and finally passing away. RIP Joan!
And of course, one cannot forget the title sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz themselves. They of course had a nice car on display and monitors with information about MB!

Inside Lincoln Center there are 3 show venues: Theater, Salon, and Pavilion. The fourth venue, called The Hub, is located down the street in the basement of The Hudson Hotel.  Outside each of the venues inside Lincoln Center is a digital monitor announcing the show that's about to go on in that tent.  Art Hearts Fashion was the last show of the day and the last show of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
Day 8 Samsung was taking it all down and the model reps were posing for a photo. I of course paused to snap their pictures and jumped in for one of my own!

or 2! LOL
What do you think? Did you like my recap? 

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